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As I continue development, I have elected to share my work with the wider Mount&Blade;: Warband modding community.

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As I continue development, I have elected to share my work with the wider Mount&Blade modding community.

Originally, my fear with sharing my code was that I would continue to develop at my usual slow, plodding pace, and someone else would use my features and release their project first and no one would make time to play my mod since those features had already been in use somewhere else.

And while I knew there was going to be a steep drop off of other projects after the release of our successor game, Mount&Blade: Bananabread, but I genuinely didn't expect it to slow down this much.

Now, I'm not nearly as worried someone will beat me to any significant release, and more importantly, I am hopeful that my code may be used or studied in a way that motivates more projects to start and gives the community some more of its old magic back.

I have 3 main folders of interest.

  1. Fate/ Throne of Heroes Sandbox
    1. This is essentially Warband Native + Fate/, A real ugly marriage too.
  2. Fate/ Arena Single Player Quick Battles
    1. Build on Barebones Modsys, this is a much better way to nose through my work as it's generally where I test concepts before adding it to the main branch. These days not so much, but occasionally it is used as a petri dish.
  3. Shader Stuff inside the Throne of Heroes main directory
    1. Learn HLSL with my nonsense!

If you have any questions, pop into the Fate/ Throne of Heroes Discord and shoot me a question, I am generally very active and can answer whatever you might want to know.

If you have any recommendations on setting up the repository, my knowledge of git is severely lacking and I know that I haven't set that up correctly.

Treat this as a general MBMC OSP License, usage is allowed for any Mount&Blade derivative game (Original, Warband, NW, VC), I just request a give me a single blanket entry in whatever credits you have, and that you mark my code with my name so if you release a derivative work my credits persist.

This license ONLY includes code. Unfortunately, until art is finalized, I will be using many artists works under many different licenses, and cannot provide a blanket statement to cover all cases. Thankfully I have a very verbose credits document with all the appropriate licenses.

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¡Mantén el gran trabajo! Muchos animos y esfuerzo desde Venezuela. :D Soy un gran fan de la Obra de Nasu

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