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Farmwand : Dev. Diary # 21 : Come and pay a visit to the Ocean Mare Inn, where new friendships and adventures await!🍻 Feathered pets make an arrival! Build a sweet home for your farm animals, and more!

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to another new devlog for Farmwand which is also the last devlog before our Holiday Special.

This time we will show you one of the most important places to visit in the game : the Ocean Mare Inn. We also want to share with you lots of new feathered pets available to adopt as well as some important facilities you will need for your farm. And at the end of this devlog we have an important news to share so please read till the end. ❤️

👋The Ocean Mare Inn🍻

In Farmwand, there are many different villages to visit, big and small, with their own traditions and cultures for you to experience and learn from. The biggest and the most lively one is the main town called "Lunahweld Town". Nearby is where you, as the player, will establish your home.

The main meeting point of the town is the Ocean Mare Inn, where all travelers and adventures from places near and far will connect and tell stories over a warm meal and some drinks.

The construction of the inn was a long process, we added lots of details and decorations to give it the right ambiance and make it a fully realized setting.

Inn Progress 01

Inn Progress 03

We made a short video to give you a small tour inside the inn!

Within the walls of the Ocean Mare Inn, you will meet new friends, companions and all sorts of colorful characters such as the owners of the inn : Wilky and Elena.

Wilky has a personality as big as himself, with a loud laugh but also a quick temper only matched by that of Elena, his wife. While she is much kinder and patient with most patrons she will not hesitate to scold her massive husband whenever he goes too far.

They are quite a match and know all sorts of stories and legends about the world thanks to the many travelers that visit them, which makes them an invaluable source of information, clues and very interesting quests. Go for some ale, play a game of Chained tens and sing some songs with the other patrons!

You'll always feel welcomed at Elena & Wilky's tavern in Farmwand!

🦉Pets with wings🪶

After the barn owls we showed you last time, some other kinds of owls and birds have also been flying and settling down in the world of Farmwand.

Meet the long-eared owl and the snowy owl!

Did anyone say....owls?!!!

Did anyone say....owls?!!!


SnowOwl 2

As well as a more mysterious bird...the raven, who always makes you wonder what kind of messages it's carrying...



🐤Farm facilities🍅

As the farm grows, the animal families grow as well and they will need bigger homes. Thus, we prepared the upgrade-able coops and stables for your domestic birds and four legged animals.


Stables 02

And with so many crops to harvest you're gonna need some extra space to store them, so build some barns to save your day!

Barn 02

❤️'Tis the season...of IndieDB awards!❤️

We just learned that IndieDB has started to host their Indie Of The Year Awards 2022, in its nominations phase.

Back in the days when we were just starting, Farmwand existed mostly on IndieDB so it is a platform that is dear to us. We would really appreciate it if you could support us with a vote right here! (no log in required)

Thank you so much for reading till the end and for each of your vote, we hope you like the content we are sharing with you this time and please stay tuned for our Holiday Special, which should come in a couple of weeks, right around the start of the holidays and for which we are preparing lots of festive content!

Have a nice weekend and see you next time!

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