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Join us as we go over the biggest features of our newest Far Cry 2 overhaul, featuring saturated colours, no more annoying outposts, and realistic combat.

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Far Cry 2: Realism+ Redux

Return to the Heart of Darkness

Far Cry 2: Realism+Redux

Realism+ Redux is a crossover of the Realism+ and Redux mods for Far Cry 2, and features some of the best features of both to provide a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

Almost every aspect of the game has been tweaked or enhanced, and both BigTinz and I would love to go over some of the most significant features which we’ve included in this new modding project.

As of our latest version, there are now different downloads available which allow you to choose to have the player's position on the map, to restore the game's original colours, and shorten the taxi ride at the start of the game.


Far Cry 2 is without doubt a game of its era. While the plains and jungles of Africa are well-realised and a true sight to behold, the original game’s presentation is covered in late 2000’s classic brown, and comes with a short draw distance alongside distracting LOD and shadow deficiencies.

Realism+ Redux addresses this by first boosting the game’s saturation to bring out some lively colour. This is done by simply removing the desaturation values, so what you see is the game’s assets with their original colours. On top of that the game’s overall graphics are pushed as far as the engine will allow, with improved draw distance, LOD values and shadows. New textures have also been added, with AI-enhanced versions used alongside some which are newly created.

All the screenshots used in this article are straight out of the mod, and the GIF below gives a comparison.

Colour Comparison GIF

The game’s UI has also received a facelift, again with AI-enhanced textures used with newly created artwork for weapon and map icons. There is a comparison below showing some of these changes.


Our most exciting new feature is a fix for the annoying outposts, which are infamous for respawning as soon as the player leaves the immediate area. The talented Scubrah has written a newscript where once all the enemies in an outpost have been killed they will only respawn once half an hour real-time has passed. We are so pleased to finally have a solution to this absolutely renowned issue with Far Cry 2, and very grateful to Scubrah for letting us adapt his mod for Realism+ Redux. This feature is demonstrated in the video below.

The next most significant change is an overhaul for weapons and combat. The original game had bullet-spongey enemies, with pistols and shotguns being particularly ineffective.

Realism+ Redux gives an overall boost to player and enemy damage, which immediately makes combat deadlier and more impactful. This has been balanced around two new difficulties ‘Hardcore Redux’ and ‘Infamous Redux’. Both have increases for weapons’ max ammo, ‘Hardcore Infamous’ has the same combat difficulty as the original Infamous difficulty, and ‘Infamous Redux’ is a new, more difficult experience fit for experienced players. In addition to this each class of weapons has been re-balanced to try and make them all equally viable - no more pathetic shotguns!

There are a lot of overall changes to gameplay, too many to completely list here, but these include the removal of the player arrow from the map for more immersive exploration, infighting between enemy factions, expanded arsenals for enemies and buddies, a reorganized shop, new upgrades for DLC weapons and vehicles, faster vehicles, new vehicles for enemy patrols, improved hang gliders, improved stealth, less sluggish player movement, controls tweaks, and a whole lot more. Come and check out the mod description for all the details.

Playable Characters

One aspect we are particularly proud of are the new options for playable characters. We have added the female mercenaries to the playable roster, and also the option to play as an ‘Anonymous Mercenary’ where a player model is randomly generated using the same system which generates enemy fighters. Having a more diverse choice of people to play as is really nice to have, and you can see some of the results of being an ‘Anonymous Mercenary’ below.


Bug Fixes

If you’ve played Far Cry 2 before you may be well acquainted with things like weirdly bouncing npcs, getting soft locked through being unable to rescue buddies, silent phone calls, and a whole host of other weirdness.

We’ve gone to great lengths to fix as many of these issues as possible, and while it’s not 100% bug free (seriously, don’t use DX10), we are confident in providing a stable Far Cry 2 experience.

Thanks and Links

Realism+ Redux has been possible thanks to the now more than a decade old Far Cry 2 modding community, and we’d particularly like to thank Scubrah for their awesome outpost respawn script, and FoxAhead for their ever so reliable Multi-Fixer project.

If you’re interested in downloading the mod or learning more about the features then please come and check out our mod page here.

We’re more than happy to answer any questions and help out if you have any difficulties. The install is practically drag-and-drop, so it’s really quite simple.

And as a side note, Realism+ Redux is completely Steam Deck compatible! We have an 'Official' control scheme availaible in Community Layouts.

SweetRamona - - 5,153 comments

After spending half a day's worth of replaying FC2 with this mod, I can safely say (with minimal bias) that this is (in my opinion at least) the definitive way to play Far Cry 2! :3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

Woooooo! Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Assassin-25 - - 63 comments

Hey man, is it possible to add Jack Carver in the list of playable characters ? You know, the one from the Far Cry 2 wallpapers, with his white shirt, brown flak jacket, gray jeans, tattoo on his right arm, bands on his left arm, fingerless tactical glove on his right hand, white bandages on his left hand, etc...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

Can you show me the pic you're talking about? The character I'm familiar with from FC2 promo stuff is an early version of Marty.

I don't recall ever seeing Jack Carver.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Assassin-25 - - 63 comments

Sorry for the late response, here's some links to the pictures

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

That's Marty.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Assassin-25 - - 63 comments

Sure looks like Jack Carver more than Marty.

Regardless if it's Carver or an early Marty build, is it possible to add him to the list of characters ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

I mean, he is, in that it's Marty and he's the first merc on the list. There is no way to add that exact model/version because he doesn't exist in the release.

A lot of the mercs looked different in earlier builds of the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,280 comments

Good morning! I'd love to install this mod and play FC2 with it. I have never installed mods for FC2 before. Is there a tutorial or something?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
BigTinz - - 1,547 comments

Just drag and drop the files into your FC2 install directory. Say yes to overwrite.

Launch the game and tweak the launcher as needed.

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