FAQ of Umbrella Corporation, questions: What will be interesting in this mod? What is the plan of development? It there going to be a singleplayer? When its done?

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What will be interesting in this mod?
Each mod can be interssting, if its properly done. What about the "Umbrella Corporation"? I can tell you that it will be unusual zombie shooting with similar atmosphere of "Half-Life 2", and you also must do all the objectives on the map in certain amount of time , not to mention , cover your mates as well. You will have to read notes, reports and other papers on the table because there might be useful information, like key card.

Is this going to be a bit like "Silent Hill"?
Yes, you can say so, because a person works with me, who gave me the concept and ideas about what I said earlier. He is working with mod "Alchemilla".

What is the plan of development?
First of all, the levels, as they are the main part of the game. Then we will develop weapons, we think about weapons like "Modern Warfare", as we will be playing as elite special forces of the most powerful corporation:) Then we will do...mm..script, debugging levels, and of course the NPCs, and more detail.. :)

In the description you mentioned that the storyline have connection with film, is that so?
Yes, mostly. But there will be not a complete copy of the movie, since we want the players to feel like heroes of the move and even love this movie:)

How do you implement the possibility of a cooperative game?
There is always will be selfish people:) They always been there:)

Is there going to be a singleplayer?
I can't say for sure... because we must finish the co-op first..

What kind of weapons we are going to use? :)
Everything that was in the movie, plus some improvements:)

Is this game will be STEAM?
Do not know yet... *Trollface*

Approximate yield of mod?
I think the winter-spring-summer 2011... I hope sooner:)

Well I think it is all ... do you have something to say?
I will only say that , if everything will be done there might be a second mod..in the city..:)

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