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As suggested by 003nicky I have decided to put together an FAQ on the mod.

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Trek Wars FAQ November 2016.

Q. What does the mod do?

A. Trek Wars is a mod for Star Wars Empire At War: Forces of Corruption, which adds the following Star Trek factions to the existing game. The Federation, Klingon Empire, The Dominion (which also includes the Cardassians and Breen) and Romulan Star Empire.

Q. What about the Borg?

A. The Borg are present in the mod, albeit not as a playable faction currently. It is however quite likely they will be made playable in a future release of the mod.

Q. What about the Star Wars factions, will this mod be biased towards either franchise?

A. The Star Wars factions will still be present and playable, infact the whole purpose of this mod is to allow both universes to go up against each other, like the Star Trek vs Star Wars mod for Star Trek Armada 1 from 15 years ago.

Being a fan of both franchises I won't allow for any bias toward and against either and I aim to have this mod as balanced as possible. For the Trek factions here are some general guidelines on how I am balancing the mod.

The Federation units will be the easiest to use, they predominantly are defensive orientated but have good offence and reasonable build time.

The Klingons have greater offence, but are a bit weaker defensively, however some of their ships have access to the cloaking device.

The Dominion are intriguing, the Cardassian ships are cheap, quick to build and have interesting abilities, but aren't great defensively. The Jem'Hadar ships are tougher, stronger but cost more and take longer to build. The Breen ships don't have quite as good offence, however their Polaron Torpedoes and Energy Dissipators are their speciality. The Dominion have quite a wide variety of ships available, however you need to choose carefully when constructing and deploying a fleet within the population cap (50 for this mod), you might want to avoid deploying the Hutet Class and Jem'Hadar Dreadnought at the same time.

The Romulans have good offence, however their weapons coverage isn't so great meaning their ships need to be facing forward to use their weapons. Their ships have weak defences too, however ALL their ships have cloaking devices, even their fighters.

Q. Will there be ground units?

A. Oh yes... but these haven't been implemented yet, currently the focus is getting all space units into the game and working, and getting each faction up and running properly too.

Q. What else does the mod do?

A. Thanks to the Yuuzhan Vong At War modding team there are new textures for all of the skyboxes and planets on the space maps, and there are new laser models for all Star Wars units. I am also currently considering adding a couple of extra space units to the Star Wars factions.

Q. Will I be able to play with just the Star Trek factions?

A. Hopefully yes, I aim to create two Galactic Conquest maps, one featuring all factions from both franchises and another with just the Star Trek factions. The current Galactic Conquest map is the same one from the Vanilla game, it does however have an additional planet, which has been assimilated by the Borg.

Q. What about the Alpha Quadrant?

A. All in good time my friend, one of the long term goals is to create a Galactic Conquest map featuring both the original GC universe and the Alpha Quadrant, with a story along the lines of there being a wormhole opened up between the two universes.

Q. What timeline period are we looking at?

A. For the Star Wars sides, the original trilogy era. For the Star Trek sides the TNG era, around the time of the Dominion War.

Q. Will anything from the JJ Abrams-verse be in the mod?

A. Not right now.

Q. When will the mod be released?

A. It will be ready when it's ready. I am however aiming to release a space-units-only public demo release in time for Christmas, so feel free to list the demo in your letter to Santa.

Q. Are you recruiting?

A. I would be delighted to hear from anybody who wishes to volunteer their skills. I currently have a solid test team who have provided excellent and crucial feedback to help keep the mod pointing in the right direction. I would be especially happy to hear from anybody who has experience in LUA scripting and creating maps in the Terrain editor.

Q. So who will win in a fight between a Borg Cube and the Death Star, will a Galaxy Class be able to take on a Star Destroyer?

A. Find out for yourself when the demo comes out...


And thank God there's no JJ-verse crap.

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Nothing guaranteed, but for now there's no JJ-verse content.

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can we do donation to your team?

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One year and six months later and here's your answer: Nope! But you can help us with a lot more. If you wish to help you can join our Discord server!

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