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Answering some frequently asked questions about the factions.

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The six factions are:
- Court of Madness (includes both Mania and Dementia)
- Forces of Order
- Grummites
- Heretics
- Zealots
- Apostles

Mania and Dementia will be included in a single faction, but the lords will have specific units in their retinue.
If you join the Court of Madness during character creation, you'll be forced to choose sides between Mania and Dementia. Your choice will highly impact your relations with lords and settlements.

Some of the factions will clearly be underdogs and will probably get annihilated first.
I'll see what I can do to make their demise a little slower.

Don't expect varied unit trees.
The main difference between low and high-tier units will be their skills and stats. Some high-tier units will have additional armour and weapons.



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COOL! :D I like it !!1
Wanna try to play as Grummites! :D

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