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Hello Fallout fans! After some time, The United West Team and I have an interesting project to share with you! And that is a remake of Fallout Van Buren in the Fallout: New Vegas engine!

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Revelation Blue is planning to set the player in the year 2253, and it will be considering the events of all Fallout games after Tactics as non-canon (Even though they aren't officially.). One of the main selling points of Fallout 1 and 2 is giving the player freedom to do whatever they want, with a huge selection of choices for roleplaying, and offering many hub worlds for the player to explore in. And we wish to take the best elements of those games, in our recreation of the cancelled Fallout 2 sequel, Van Buren. We want to add in all the classic weapons of Fallout 2, and remake them exactly how they were.

At the moment, the mod is still a W.I.P (Work in progress). We have came up with several ideas, what we need for the project, how we should do that, how to do this, and so on. But we are nowhere next to finishing the project. Which is why we are currently recruiting people for the project! Keep in mind this is a passion project, and no one will be paid.

As of now, we are recruiting people skilled or know how to properly use the GECK, and Coders. We also need map makers, Individuals skilled with level design, and ones experienced with making quests. Apply for recruitment in the #recruitment-application channel in our Discord, where after reading the welcome message you can then begin to be interviewed. And on a side note; Please understand that if you wish to apply as a writer, we want you to be unbiased about what you are writing, take criticism seriously. Being unprofessional about the mod, and acting ignorant and selfish in general will result in the project leads forcing you to leave the project.

We plan to release a demo featuring Tibbets Prison Facility, where the player will go through a demo sized quest, getting to know what to expect from the mod, and what type of content will be in the mod. This will not release soon, as it depends on how much people dedicate time to working on this project. We will release a brand new Nexus mod page for the Demo quest mod, and put our updated work there in the future.

Links: Fallout: New Vegas, Revelation Blue discord, Youtube channel, Youtube Teaser Trailer


Q: Will the mod use vanilla New Vegas Mechanics?

A: For now, yes. But if we take permission from some mod authors, we will merge them with the mod and there will be a "enhanced version."

Q: Will this mod be a prequel/ take place for FNV?

A: No, but we will make a patch where after you finish the game you will have an option to start New Vegas separately.

Q: Will there be any DLC or extra content planned?

A: Yes, but they aren't a priority. After/If we finish the project and fix bugs, then we will add DLC, as we already have several ideas for them, such as new weapon ideas, new locations (Los Angeles), and familiar factions.

Q: Will the mod be compatible for linux in the future?

A: Potentially. If we can make it comparable, than we will. But as of now, we don't know.

Q: What about FNV itself? And weren't characters and factions meant to be in both games too?

A: The mod won't treat FNV as cannon. We originally were, but seeing how FNV and Van Buren have many of the same characters, factions, story and lore, we've decided that it would be best to make the story take place during 2253, and make all the future events of FNV non-canon.

Q: What's the current status of the mod in?

A: Like we said, this mod is still a work in progress (W.I.P.)

Q: Why don't you just call the mod Fallout Van buren remake? Seems weird not to call it that.

A: It is weird. But the reason is because we can suffer from potential copyright from InXile, the owners of the van buren name, and name only. Fallout: yesterday could have suffered from this, and changed their name to what it is now.

Q: How do I access the mod? I started a new game and I'm still in the Mojave.

A: Go to Goodsprings Graveyard, and go to the door there. If you run across an invisible wall after entering the mod, type in “tcl” in the console commands.

If you have any other questions for the mod, please ask in our discord, and stay safe Wastelanders!

A concept art for one of the two main armors , and this one is the Plague Survivalist Armor for the mod, enjoy!

Revelation Blue Main Menu


Good luck. Hope if it does go far that won't end up like The Frontier.

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