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Looks like Raidian-Helix Media gets to pay taxes this year, but postpones F:PB's release. Check out the trailer for another movie of ours here.

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A bit of a hangup on our path to release the mod - @Radian-Helix Media, the Media company that Thaiauxn (Brandan Lee) runs, got picked up for a job doing an animated 2D & 3D intro sequence for a pretty serious motion picture out in Hollywood, CA.

We can't quite give any specifics, not yet at least, and all the images we've produced for their company are property "öf" that company. Radian-Helix is under contract as a top-billing organization on the film - meaning our title card appears in the opening credits, so it's our biggest industry job to date.

The job is set to end January 20th, with more work shortly after. It's a big step for the company, and I can say that part of the reason we were hired was because of the Intro Sequence for Project Brazil, and we were suggested for the job by a supporter of the project. ;)

Also, if you haven't seen our other project that has been running concurrent to Project Brazil for several years, check out this trailer for NEM Gate.

The long of the short is that we will probably release later than January. :/ There is still enough work left to be done before we enter testing that it will be at least another month before RickerHK & I (who are the only programmers and level designers on the team) can wrap it up. Rick is still pounding away at the project in our absence, so give a shout out to Rick!

Yes, there really are only 2 of us on the development team. :p Roslin Thelso has been a huge help this month in cutting some of our rough audio, however. Cheers!

If you have any GECK experience, and want to join the team, here is the list of the final tasks remaining on our tack-board before release. Even if you're just curious, you can use this as a gauge of what there is left before an official BETA release date.

As always, you can keep up with us on Facebook:

and our Fallout New Vegas Nexus Site:

Brandan Lee
Project Leader


At least this motion picture job helps secure the future for you guys and the mod. hopefully it doesn't slow up the release too much. good luck.

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Thaiauxn AuthorSubscriber

It does help, tremendously. It will be great to finally grow from assisting the big leagues with making their movies, to actually handling the controls that make them. The next step in a few years will be to make our own on that level.

Not bad for a bunch of 20 somethings in Tucson.

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not bad indeed , lookin forward to playing this treasure

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WOW I CAnt Wait The Youtube Vid Looks so awesome like if bethseda made it

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At first I thought Bane was giving the intro speech.

"War, war never changes, batman."

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