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hey, its been a little while since i updated so i'll tell you a little bit about the future of the mod

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Hello There!

its been a little while since i have had a lot of contact with the community, i have been really busy with school work, then i was one of the founders of a clan, but that didn't end well, although that is another story. now i'm doing uni work, so i'm looking forward to lending some time to continue modding

due to recent security matters, i wont go into the details but i have upgraded to a much more secure email address, you'll have to pm me if you want the details. i will still be checking the other email address every now and again although not as often

i found it really messy when people would contact me through nexus, moddb, email and Facebook. its pretty difficult to keep track of them all at once this is why i will primarily be using Facebook to communicate with the community, the Facebook page can be found here:

if you wish to contact me through either moddb or nexus you may do but note that i may not be checking them as often as Facebook. I will be posting updates, responses to questions etc. on Facebook so stay tuned because i have a nice little surprise i'm cooking up, just got to finish it off.


one of the problems i had over time is testing, the testers have been few and not always fully updated me or given me feedback as to balancing, prices, damages and glitches. this is why i will be looking for testers and updating the mod via dropbox for these testers, although i will also be uploading the full versions it via nexus and moddb.

thats all for now
DarkWolf V (Kaelan)


In the comments section i posted lots and lots of bugs and other stuff i found, just go back a little and you will find them. If you can't i'll do it and post it here.

I'm so glad you will continue this mod, i waited for you faithfully :D

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This is what i posted long time ago:

Ok i have finished 30% of the game now and i noticed few bugs, ill post them here with the list of suggestions. Remember these are only my suggestions not a "list of things i want".

* If you try to enter the "Door to imperium CF administration" at NCD Correctional Facility the game crashes to desktop. I tried it multiple time with 2 different characters so i'm sure its because of the game and not my computer.
*Plasma Pistol has no sound when firing and its very inaccurate.
*Plasma Gun is very inaccurate. Also the plasma that comes out of the gun should be bigger(if possible).
*Eldar Pistol is very inaccurate.
*Eldar Gun shoots in a very strange way. When you click the mouse button first it reloads in a strange way and then after few seconds it finally fires, its impossible to fight with it. Also its very inaccurate.
*When you equip Orc Shoota you can see some strange red/white light over the whole screen, but it still fires. I guess its a texture problem.(Got screenshoot if needed).
*Zoom on Lasgun is pointless, you can't see anything throu that small dot :/.
*Gauss Rifle is bugged i think. Every time you shoot it the game freezes for like a second before it hits the target.
*Grenade Launcher is too big to be used with Right Click Zoom.
*That mutant called Davison in REPCONN Test Site basement is still a mutant not an Orc.
*Imperial Guard Combat Mask looks "Retarded". Its like someone smashed it into million pieces and then put it together in a very wrong way :).(Got screenshoot if needed).

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This is the list of items i found so far that do not have icons. All it shows is "[\] PipOS Error -26 [File Not Found]".

*Space Marine Chainsword
*Plasma Gun
*Plasma Pistol
*Chaos Autogun
*Chaos Bolter
*Godwyn Pattern Bolter
*Eldar Rifle
*Eldar Pistol
*Imperial Guard Combat Mask
*Sister of Battle Armor
*Mark 7 Aquila Armor
*Mark 7 Backpack
*Mark 7 Helmet
*Aspiring Champion Backpack
*Chaos Marine Armor
*Chaos Marine Backpack
*Chaos Marine Helmet
*Bloodpack Armor
*Bloodpack Helmet
*Khorne Aspiring Champion Backpack
*Khorne Backpack
*Khorne Berseker Armor
*Khorne Berseker Helmet
*Chaos Terminator Armor
*Chaos Terminator Helmet

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*If possible it would be cool to change ED-E model to "Servo Skull".
*If possible Securitrons could be changed to look like "Servitors".
*If possible Gecko,Radscorpions,Bark Scorpions,Cazadors and Mantis should be changed to all kinds of different Tyranids.
*If possible change the Caravan Traders and Gun Runners to "Rogue Traders". Skitarii just does not fit them :/
*If possible change the bike/car/truck wreckages to Assault BIke/Rhino/Predator wreckages.
*Lasgun should shoot a little bit faster in automatic mode.
*Those 3 aliens near the space ship could be changed to Necrons, and instead of getting alien pistol you can get Gauss Rifle with 100 ammo. The gun should be really strong...
*We need a sniper rifle. There are 2 things you can do. Get the Lassgun, remove that horrible sight from a model, put sniper sight, increase dmg and there ya go :D. Other thing you can do is to get a Gobi Campaign Sniper Rifle, slap some green colour and Aquila on the side, increase its dmg by alot and you have a sniper rifle.
*Remove all vanilla Guns and put ingame items like Bolt Pistol, Shotgun(used by Space Marines), Lass Pistol, Heavy Bolter, Melta Guns, Las-Cannons, Missile launchers, Power Hammer, Power Claw and things like that. You could give that to NPC and our starter gun could be a Bolt Pistol.

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*ALOT more NPC patrols for all Factions. Right now its booring to travel for a hour and you finally find 3 enemies and then a hour later same thing...some epic skirmishes with Faction vs Faction would be awesome.
*When Bolter shoots it creates some kind of little explosion when it hits. Now thats normal because it uses the small-caliber explosive shells but it also creates a bad FPS drop on older computers.
*Change the bolters to fire normal ammo, but also create Kraken Ammo that explodes on impact, like it is now. They should be really strong and expensive. Hope you understand what i wanted to tell.
*Now i saw a video on youtube of a guy shooting a pistol but instead of bullets a rocket falls down on a target, like when Boomers shoot that Artilliery on you. Now you should change Euclid's C-Finder to fire several rockets instead of that big *** laser beam. The item could be called Basilisk Barrage. Also it could be used once every 24 hours. Here is the video to show you what i mean

Sorry its this long, i didn't want to post it on the forum because as far as i can see no1 is active there...

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... wow...

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DarkWolfV Author

thankyou for the posts, i'll see what i can do about making some of those changes

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hmmph, the nexus is crap and other mod host's seem to be following that insane asylum.
at least with you dont have to worry about getting booted over stupid crap.

other than that, its nice to see you will be working on the FNV version of the mod... ill take a wait and see approach for now.

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and you should also add some new races,
Repair the space marine perk because it cant be activated,
also the spacemarine power fist has missing textures,
fix the bolter gun issues and if possible add a heavy bolter gun and a heavy plasmagun if possible,
also could you please add a daemon hammer with power explosion effect upon impact, thanks :-)

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DarkWolfV Author

i will be completely reworking the perk system. a full version will be released after i have completed the surprise addon

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Hi, due to unavoidable circumstance's I've not played Fallout New Vegas since 2013. I lost a friend who used to play along side me (connected to a Team Speak server and Web Cam) He passed away suddenly April 2013. We were intending to start modding our games, but had wanted to finish the Vanilla game before adding any mods. I've been heavily sedated with opiate meds (mainly morphine) for several years, so, when my friend died I stopped playing the game and it is only now after playing Fallout 4 that I wanted to return to New Vegas and have been looking to install some mods. Your mod really appeals to me, but I don't know what I need to get the mod to run, as I've become so detached from my games of late and due to my meds I find it difficult navigating these sites to find the correct mods.

Would someone point me in the direction of any mods I require to play this mod (I have all of the Warhammer games apart from the latest release). Will i need the Fallout New Vegas Mod Manager or the Script manager mods?

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Found everything I need. Thanks. Looking forwards to checking this out. :)

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