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Fallen Soldier Drop Kits Preview. BGM109 Tomahawk Preview. MOAB Preview. Tsar Bomba nuclear bomb Preview. LCAC Preview. Armament Atlases Preview. Weapon Atlases Preview. KA-50 Hokum Preview. Weapon crates Preview.

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Please Read This Post, So We Don't Have To Answer The Same Question Every Other Day! All Posts Asking For A Download Link Will Be Deleted Sorry, Oh and Stop Sending Me Private Messages, Asking For A Link Too. We Are Not Ready To Release Nations At War "A Project Revived" Yet, Your Know When Its Out, Because We Will Be Making A Huge Song And Dance About it!

So from this point on there is no release date,
It will be done, when its done and it will be beta tested by the faithful supportive members here first!

That is all!
Thank You.

Q: Is it a game or a mod?

Nations at War "A Project Revived" A Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer Battlefield Style Game, It is completely stand alone with its own connections servers stats system and unlocks.

Q: Where can i Download it?

Public Release Date Was Originally Planned For 1st Quarter 2017, But progress has been delayed due to Family health issues, moving house, and many other personal issues our team of veteran developers have had to deal with so Sometime In 1st and second Quarter 2018 Is Likely Going To Be Alpha / Beta Testing, Good News Is More Additional content and features Are Being Added, We have gained some more staff to help with its completion, Stay tuned!

Q: Who are you guys?

Nations at War was Built upon the roots of a small group of Friends, some of which have played Battlefield together for many years. Nations at War has grown beyond the Tournament it was developed for and With cooperation from Battlefield Single player website, Allied Intent Xtended, Hard Justice, Surreal, Project Reality, Eve Of Destruction, Zero factor, Rising Conflict, Desert Conflict Xtended, Point of Existence, Australian Forces, Alpha Project, Forgotten Hope, Operation Peacekeeper and US Intervention. Nations at War has turned into a Truly massive Single player, Multiplayer and Coop Experience.

thought I'd share a preview of our new drop kits, moving away from the familiar drop bag was a big decision but ultimately i think its worth the effort!


Fallen Soldier Drop Kits Preview1.


Fallen Soldier Drop Kits Preview2.

Fallen Soldier Drop Kits Preview

Fallen Soldier Drop Kits Preview3.

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Fallen Soldier Drop Kits Preview4.

Fallen Soldier Drop Kits Preview5.

BGM109 Tomahawk Preview.

bgm109 1

BGM109 Tomahawk Preview.


MOAB Preview.

totally redone as the old one just wasn't good enough anymore.

LCAC Preview.

Nations At War LCAC

LCAC Preview.

totally redone as the old one just wasn't good enough anymore.

Armament Atlases

Armament Atlases Preview.

Weapon Atlases

Weapon Atlases Preview.

KA 50 Hokum  4

KA-50 Hokum.

KA 50 Hokum  3

KA-50 Hokum.

KA 50 Hokum  2

KA-50 Hokum.

KA 50 Hokum  2

KA-50 Hokum.

Tsar Bomba nuclear bomb

Tsar Bomba nuclear bomb.

Weapon crates 1

Weapon crates Preview.

Weapon crates 2

Weapon crates 7

Weapon crates 5

Weapon crates 6

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very nice and original dropkits :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Blackflag554 - - 521 comments

amazing stuff you have there m8
keep going!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Frosturation - - 236 comments

nice work man! good to see any progress of the mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
WakAMole - - 13 comments

Quality work! It's great to see that people are still coming up with unique content for this game. Love the new drop kits, keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
MasterChiefRulZ - - 1,448 comments

Amazing work Kano! Loving the new details.. This will be a big hit in the community for sure. B)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Tsar Bomba! WOW that is going to be EPIC! Thanks for the detailed update Kano, looks like the wait is well worth it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
RomeJorge - - 650 comments


I'm surprised that Tsar Bomba will be featured in BF2 modding for the first time. Get your nuclear googles ready because this is gonna be one heck of a fallout. We'll done sir NAW_Kano ( ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■)=b.

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