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After months of hard work, we present our latest comprehensive patch! There is loads to talk about, have a peek!

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Mae govannen, mellon nin.

It has been a very exciting few months of work for the Silmarillion Total War team, in preparation for the Fall of Feanor patch! In one of our most comprehensive patches to date, FoF comprises new maps, new Legendary Company units, a new faction, and some small balance tweaks and aesthetic changes.

Firstly, I’d like to thank the large number of people who have had their part in putting this mod together. Skylli, Synn of the Darkcloud, Castellan have done a marvelous job with some of the new units you will see. Secondly, Rexgervais and StewardofDale have been instrumental in making some new maps to play, as well giving us preview images in the map selection screen. StewardofDale, especially, has made some very nice unit cards as well. Lastly, I’d like to thank Umadcommander, ScoutsofEntertainment, and other youtubers who have given our mod a platform. I have no doubt that their exposure will continue to boost everyone’s experience while playing Silmarillion TW.

Now…the details!

One of the biggest changes in FoF is our new faction, The House of Fingolfin. Fingolfin is the younger step-brother of Feanor, and became High-King after his nephew, Maedhros, abdicated. Fingolfin is perhaps the greatest warrior of the Eldar, facing off with Morgoth himself and wounding the Dark Lord seven times. In homage to their leaders martial prowess, the House of Fingolfin specializes in heavy-hitting close quarters combat. Their units have some of the highest skill ratings in the game, and are absolutely deadly against lower skill foes. One of their weaknesses is their lack of sturdy cavalry, and armor-piercing melee units.

Fingolfin finished

That being said, Fingolfin’s roster is augmented by the noble House of Hador, one of the houses of the Edain. Led by Hurin himself, the Sons of Hurin are one of the bodyguard units that can be brought to bear. Wielding two-handed axes, the Sons are monster killers of the highest degree. Even Sauron himself would do well to stay away from prolonged combat with these guys.


Fingolfin also received their new Legendary Company, called the Arqueni Findekano. These badass horse archers are armor-piercing, but with limited ammo. They are in reference to the riders Fingon brought to drive Glaurung back to Angband, early on during the Siege of Angband.


Speaking of Sauron, he is now a playable unit for Tol in Gaurhoth! Sauron made an appearance in the original Third Age mod, but frequently caused crashing due to his animation and skeleton. All has been fixed with a little modding magic, and he is now fully functional. He is currently wearing his classic 2nd age armor set, but he will have a new armor set in the future. As for strategy, Sauron is an elephant class unit. Therefore, he has a large AoE, but also a large hit box. He disrupts line formations, and can push through nearly every obstacle in his way. However, because of his hit box and his elephant status, more units are able to reach their full potential against him. Many of our existing units had the Monster Hunter trait, but were left with the Uruloki as their only foe. Sauron, and also the Balrogs, will now need to be careful around such units!


Screenshot 954

The Sons of Feanor received some cool new skins, mainly to their cavalry. They have less of the all red appearance now, blended with some white and black. Feanor’s line infantry have also seen some changes, now with the ability to upgrade their armor twice. This was due to their lack of AP, and other Noldor-esque shortcomings, that prevented them from really standing up at all in an infantry fight. Hopefully you will see a much more useful Feanor infantry force!



image0 1


Ossiriand has received their Legendary Company as well. The Kinsmen of Denethor are a locked morale spear unit that is desperately needed as an anchor to any formation Ossiriand musters. As a kiting faction, Ossiriand relies on hit and run tactics. This leaves them little options once they are caught or out of position. Their spear units are really the only line of defense they have to slow down an advance and continue running.

Doriath has also received their Legendary Company. The Guards of Fallen Leaves are a devastating axe-throwing unit with Monster Hunter capabilities. As mentioned above, their usefulness is clearly seen with the new elephant units in game, as well as the heavily armored faction of Fingolfin.

Tir en Laisdannen

Some more general changes to the mod include new vegetation ported over from Europa Barborum 2. New terrain textures are also from EB2. It appears more lush, with fuller colors, and distinctive tree types.


In terms of gameplay, archers across the board received an accuracy boost, giving them a bit more killing power. Firing arcs for Uruloki and the Mangonel have also been optimized, allowed for easier use in battle. There were line of sight issues that preventing them getting their good shots off. The Mangonel in particular now features a larger spread, affecting a larger amount of enemies.


Battle Editor has also been given some new assets. For the mapmakers out there, you now have some more elven assets including towers, temples, and gatehouses.

Finally, in conjunction with this release, our Discord server is starting a Roleplay Campaign on the public build. All of the factions have leaders, but there is plenty of room for more generals. It is a lot of fun and I am sure some of the battles will be featured on some Youtubers channels! Map made by WK.

Beleriand 1

Link to our discord can be found below!


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House of the Swallow

The House of the Tree

Thank you all again, and we will see you all again in a few months after we’ve had some rest 😊

Auta i lómë, Aurë entuluva! - The night is passing, day shall come again!



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