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Hello friends Today we have some important news about the modification development and team status

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Hello friends
Today we have very important news related to modification development and team status.

1. Half-Way Studios on Edge / End of Project Zombie Strike 2014 releases

Currently, 2 Co-Leaders were restricted from accessing the site and post news along with updates.
Sadly,our friends *Pro*Vladkill1 and *Pro*Player008 were the victims.
Due to this reason,the first developer of Project Zombie Strike named Half-Way Studios is in danger being closed down after all the time spent over the work.Its still unknown if they can provide anymore help over this modification,so currently,we are at a great risk to be left with partial support.

2. Post-Release Status

It's been a week since the release of full version of the modification.
We thank everyone sticking with us for 2 years,its been a long journey,but more has to come!
Reviews are now opened,why dont you leave your opinion in that section.
They can help us improve some features and fix broken things that happen sometimes.
As this news are written,V1 waits you in the download section!

3. Fade to Black Development

As a new member arrived in our Zombie Strike team,we are starting the works over Fade to Black.
Because the concept were lost by restricting our Co-Leaders,we currently have nothing to show off.
Yet,as time passes,we are going forward with content that will be added.
A small teaser will be posted in Video section when the DLC will start to show itself.
Can you guess the maps while you are still here?

This is it for today our friends.
Thank you for staying with us and have a nice weekend
Zombie Strike

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