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Company of Heroes World at War Modd updates of factions and the divisions within the faction of the new ones and the remakes.

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The new faction for CoH World at War are currently ALLIES- United States Marine Corps and the Soviet Red Army. AXIS- Japanese Imperial Army and the Italian Army. The Faction for these new armies relate to what they currently are. The USMC factions are the 1st Marine Division, the 2nd Marine Division and the 3rd Marine Division. They will all have great mission support like Air Superiority. The Soviet Red Army factions are 3rd Rifle Division , the 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division, and the 40th Army.
The factions for the Japanese are
15th Army, the 14th Army, and the 23rd Army. The Factions for the Italian Army are 131 Armored Division, 1 Infantry Division, and the 184 Airborne. And there are many more to come for the new divisions for the Germans and Americans. The Panzer Eliet is changed to the Waffen SS. And the Americans will have FULL aerial superiority no questions asked. If you have any suggestions message me or Skype me marinecapatin.

Me and my Team are currently looking for a modler and a skinner.
Leader- Fallschimjager22
Mappers- DevilDogRaider and awolcaptain.

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People do not share this mod. "Fallschimjager112" steal the Blitzkrieg mod for his own mod.
Stop to do that "Fallschimjager112"

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