SS-Obergruppenführer Olhausen Kraus my respects to the creators of BLIZKRIEG MOD.

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Olhausen Kraus

olhausenkraus Blog

I hope you enjoy the photos. I am part of the comunity because the last year I come here to dawnload the Blizkrieg mod. If you like the history of WW2 and you have company of heroes don´t think it twice. This is the best mod for COH. The people who create it do an exelent job. Why Blizkrieg is the best mod:

-Balance: the german tanks was the best tanks in WW2 and in the mod you can prove it in the battlefield in compensation the allied tank are more cheaper and fast and have an exelents anti tank units.-
-Units: you think COH have a lot of units, well prepare to play Blizkrieg. A lot of unit have been created. For example in the german side: Panzer Jadger IV, mortar bunkers, 120 mm mortars, airborne divisions, trenchs can be dig in for the infantry units, Fw 190 bombard, bunkers can order barrage of mortar and artillery, nevelwerfer 21 and 31 cm with incendiary amo, the tiger, king tiger and Jadpanther tanks now are buildiables, Jadtiger unique unit, 88 mm flak now have cover, mg42 nest, 75 mm anti tank can be build by pioners and more more more.
-Uniques camos and uniforms: emblems, uniforms whit distinguishing characteristics of each faction.
-Game play: Improve.
-Better graphics betters sound: The graphical interphase now is better than ever in COH. You can see it in the infantry and tank units with HIGH DEFINITION textures. The sound is impruved, the MG42 sound diferent if it is in a nest or in the chasis of a tank, now the stg44 sounds like a stg44 and it passes the same thing with MP40. They are only an examples. There a lot of more.

Well I hope you enjoy it, the post is only a little contribution. My respect to the people who create this incredible mod.

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