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An introduction to the faction Delta Hotel Bravo, and the playable characters of DHB.

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Delta Hotel Bravo was founded in 2038 as a front organization set up under the guise of a private security training service for military personnel. In actuality, it is a privately funded recruitment program for a covert joint task force operated by handful of former NATO countries. DHB conducts extra-judicial operations specializing in seizure and intervention. DHB is divided into several squadrons with individual purposes and focuses:
Red Squadron - Direct action assault.
Black Squadron - Direct action assault with high priority or sensitivity index.
Grey Squadron - Surveillance and intelligence.


Call sign: Dingo
Class: Operator
Bio: Formerly served in the US NSW DEVGRU before being hand selected by DHB to lead its newly formed Black Squadron. A veteran counter-terrorist operator with proven leadership skills and a strong command of squad tactics, he excels in close quarters combat in high risk environments.


Call sign: Bridge
Class: Breacher
Bio: Formerly served in the British 22 SAS Regiment as a demolitions expert. He was an integral part of Bravo Two Seven's breaching team that led the infamous "Operation Obsidian Dagger" into the annals of history.


Call sign: Sterling
Class: Engineer
Bio: Spent the majority of her adolescent life as a computer hacker and programmer. At the age of 12, she caused a national security incident when she breached NSA servers using a laptop equipped with home made software. She was eventually extradited to the US and tried for cyber-terrorism where she was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. After the trial, official records of her existence were classified and secured with high level government clearance.


Call sign: Badger
Class: Specialist
Bio: Attended MIT pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering before being promptly recruited by the CIA's Special Activities Division, specializing in biochemical counter-terrorism. He was originally hand selected by DHB to develop weaponized chemicals, but his combat skills earned him a slot on the assault team.


Call sign: Fenrir
Class: Recon
Bio: Formerly served in the 5th Platoon of the German KSK, specializing in covert reconnaissance operations. She is an expert marksman and her achievements as a KSK sniper guaranteed her enrollment in the DHB recruitment program early in her military career.

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Nice as!

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Bridge and Badger look awesome.

Fenrir's picture looks like a Barbie doll o.O

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Sterling is fresh

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Looking good!

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