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Covering the unit roster for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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Before we get into the update, we want to first thank everyone for their fantastic support so far through the first round of Mod of the Year. With your support, we have made it into the top 100 with not one, not two, but all three of our current projects. If you would like to vote for any of our mods in the final round of voting, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate button below, which will take you to the voting page. There you just click the "VOTE" button next to the mod's name. You can vote for as many mods as you like in this round, too. Again, we appreciate all the support!

As has become our new common way to do news posts, this update is also available in video form. The video form doesn't include the historical context blurbs, but does cover both this update and the previous Republic one:

The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Leader: Count Dooku, as Head of the Separatist Council (de facto Darth Sidious)
Capital: Raxus Secundus

Historical Context
"Our friends from the Trade Federation have pledged their support. And when their battle droids are combined with yours, we shall have an army greater than any in the galaxy. The Jedi will be overwhelmed. The Republic will agree to any demands we make."
―Count Dooku

Initially, the separatist forces were more of a loose association of largely-independent forces sourced from various disenfranchised sectors and organizations within the Republic organized in the wake of the Raxus Address by Count Dooku, a call to action against the Senate and Jedi and what they saw as the corruption in the galaxy. The formation of the Grand Army of the Republic, and its effective sue against these individual forces caused them to more strongly integrate. Chief among these groups were organizations like the Commerce Guild, Banking Clan, Techno Union and Trade Federation, which sued their vast resources to fund the production of arms through companies including Bactoid, the Colicoid Creation Nest, and Geonosian Industries. Each of the major contributors to the CIS would operate and organize their forces somewhat independently, however with the appointment of General Grievous to command all of the separatist armies, the chain of command was unified and forces integrated more fully.

Addressing the Cartoon. Again

Although our initial reveal post pretty much covered this, one of the most common questions we still get about the mod is whether we'll be covering the newer cartoon "or" Legends. This, like Imperial Civil War, is a Legends mod. As we covered back then the newer cartoon is part of Legends though, and has been since it started, it just also happens to have been the one thing kept along with the movies in the creation of new Canon. Yes, there are some contradictions between the cartoon and other sources, however not as many as you might think, especially on the scale where the mod is able to reflect the storyline in the first place. It also provides access to several new ship designs and characters which we would otherwise have to do without, especially on the CIS side. Besides, several contradictions already existed between previous sources- this is Star Wars, everything contradicts everything to some extent. Typically, the best indicator of where we're going with the mod is the book Essential Guide to Warfare and its endnotes by Jason Fry, which, since its release, has been effectively a production bible for us in the creation of Imperial Civil War, and now Fall of the Republic. It does a very good job of sorting out the inconsistencies and providing a broad overview of every era in Legends, while putting it all into 'historical' context.

Roster Overview

The initial releases of FotR will cover the three years of the Clone Wars, making each into its own era. One of the goals within this is to represent the move from independent command within the CIS to the unified command under General Grievous between the first and second eras, the specifics for which will be fleshed out and discussed more fully as we get further into development. There were also some other types of local forces which were involved (ie Umbarans), however these will not be fleshed out until later versions.

As we're planning to do an initial beta release (0.5) and then a more fleshed out release (1.0), there will be some units left out until the latter release, allowing more time for testing while the additional assets are finished and ideally getting something playable out as soon as possible. The regular text below are unfinished 0.5 units, and italics are unfinished units planned for 0.5. As ever, plans can change at any time during development, so don't take any of this as being set in stone. Some things will also be added in releases past 1.0, so if you notice something missing, don't worry, we just don't want to overload the first build (also, things like landers aren't included in the list, but will be included in the mod).

Space Unit Roster
Subjugator, Lucrehulk (Multiple Variants)
Providence, Bulwark
Recusant, Munificent, Geonosian Cruiser, Captor
Diamond, Gozanti, Lupus, C-9979
Vulture Droid, Hyena Bomber, Trade Federation Bomber, Belbullab, Nantex, Rogue, Tri-Fighter, Mankvim-814, Ginivex

Ground Unit Roster
Octupterra, Crab Droid, Hailfire, AAT, GAT, HAG, HMP, MTT, MAF, Spider Droid, Persuader
B1 Battledroid, B2 Super Battledroid, Magnaguard, BX Commando, Droideka, Droideka Mk II, STAP

Heroes will be covered in an upcoming post. Spoiler: There will be some acolytes.


will this also come for sins version? later on?

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I have a fairly powerful computer but the game is wildly lag, can you tell me why? Your video game is going pretty smoothly. Thank you!

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I'm still a bit confused. When you say "Legends", you mean the first Clone Wars Cartoon (and not the Cartoon that had a movie and five season plus the lost missions), right?

Otherwise, this is going to be a great mod.

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When he's talking about the cartoon he is talking about the '08 Clone Wars cartoon that a lot of people think is only Disney's fanfiction, when it's really both Legends and part of Disney's. The '03 cartoon is also being included because it's Legends as well.

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The newer one has its moments, and theres nothing wrong with using the ships and vehicles from it. The essential guide to warfare does a pretty decent job fixing up the mess that was the clone wars considering we get like 3 different storylines even without the 08 show.

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.Corey. Author

No, Admiral*Alex, which is why I brought it up in the post- the latter cartoon *is* definitely part of Legends, and as such is valid source material for the mod. It was never /not/ part of Legends, and existed long before the idea of "Legends" was even a category.

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Indeed, the "newer" CGI Clone Wars series started in 2008 while the whole "Legends"-shtick and Disney declaring a new canon happened only in April 2014.

A distinction the CGI-Clone Wars series DOES HAVE is however that it was the ONLY Legends-material which was brought completely over into the new canon alongside the first six movies.

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