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The 1st official Facility 3B Sharks Interactive dev diary!

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First ever Facility 3B Dev Diary!

This week I have been working hard! I thought I would share my perspective on things!

This week on Monday and Tuesday I worked on 2 cutscenes making them more epic!

I fixed a bunch of bugs and Wednesday shifted focus to working on our (and Facility 3B's) website! Of course, stopping to watch the England Columbia game!

Finally Thursday (The day I'm writing this) I worked on getting the game on IndieDb!

Thanks to everyone's support in the past and currently!

As the only one working on this (Except the occasional playtester) updates are going to be slow, and v2.0 might not come out for a while! That's all I wanted to say I guess! See you at the next 'Dev Diary'!

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