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Hello people Today, we are back to show you some information about next beta

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Hello people
Today, we are back to show you some information about next beta
As you read in download section,it will only be available after 2014 year
But a small information wont hurt,wright?
So we are planning to add some new guns and features
Currently we are working on: maps,HUD and menu editing.
The modification will also feature some Battlefield 2 redesinged by us

Here we start a vote! Select Battlefield 2 Map that will feature in 3rd Beta:

1) Strike at Karkand 2) Sharqi Peninsula
3) Wake Island 4) Gulf of Oman

The voting will end next Sunday at random selected time
Play the original ones and vote now for your map!
Comment below so we knew what to add in this modification
After the voting is done,we will start creating the map

Another news

There is a petition created by havatan10,and it have purpose to bring us the engine editor that is used in Battlefield 2 game,that its really popular nowadays.
Its name is Refractor 2 (it also is used and in Battlefield 2142)
You can sign the petition by clicking the link below:

Hope you can help him to archieve his goal and to get editor to remove limits set by EA and DICE
For us,modders, it would be a great chance to add more features to our modifications
Thanks for creating the petition,friend
And you,players,hope you will sign it,for the future of Battlefield 2

Thanks for reading these news

Half-Way Studios


thank you very much for posting the petition :)

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Noobkiller2 Author

Its my mission to publish something that can help us
Hope other modifications will post news about this too :)

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Gulf of Oman.
It featured in Battlefield 2 Demo,2,Play4Free,3 and 4
Unique map that i love in Battlefield 3 and 4 :D

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