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We need an exporter for this to suceed if you guys wish to help just try and get the old demo. But we need an exporter to continue this project.

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I have this whole mod set out but all I have in mind is we use halo 1-3 and we will use models from those games, However I need an exporter for this, If we get the demo our job will be ten times easier considering all we would need to do is fix some of the veichles, Add in some stuff and blam.

We will have the usual three factions UNSC, Flood , And the covenant

The UNSC will be spilt up to five multi sections. ONI Military, Naval ODST and the spartans.

The spartans will feature the infamous Redvsblue characters

Edit- We now have a discord.

All characters/models belong to their respected persons.


I'm interested on this, I could help ripping/exporting stuff from some Halo games, I'll join the discord group as well.

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