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Hello there it is the time for the big announcement ! Today I decided to change my developpment methods ... For the next Version Experimental Wars will be renamed like : Experimental Wars : The Awakening

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Experimental Wars : The Awakening

Now Questions / Answers

Q Why Experimental Wars change its name ?
A Because I want begin the final version of expe wars and to do this I must restart at 0.

Q Why you can't work with the current version
A Because there are too much work on the balance and on the bugs research. I do not want offence the poeple who follow the mod but there are a tons of bugs who are not reported.

Q Will there be AI support ?
A Not by me

Q What will change in Experimental Wars : The Awakening ?
A Currently I want realy work on the balance and on the bug, I will work with FAF and perhaps ladders player to do the best balance as it will be possible.
In the first version there will be only 1 upgrade ability in the research centers

Q What do you think when you said " there will be only 1 upgrade ability in the research centers "
A It is easy, you will have only 1 upgrade in each research center. Exemple when you build the Tech 1-0 research center you will can build Tech 1-1 upgrade and after you will can build directly the T2-0 research center after you will can build tech 2-1, Tech 3.0 and Tech 3-1. For each layer ( sea / land / air )

Q Do the units will have its veterancies upgrades by unit's killing ?
A No I will remove all veterancies upgrades to do the mod's balance.

Q Will there be Tech1, 2, 3 Experimental units ?
A Yes, but only with the veterancy 1 upgrade ability.

Q When the others Research Center's upgrades will be implanted ?
A I hope it will be more easy to do the balance level by level but all depend if the players test the balance and send the reports for the balance.

Q What will be the changes for the mod's development ?
A For me that will be a lot of work for the first realse but after that will be easy because I will can directly talk/write with the players for the next upgrades ability.

QWill there be your news commanders in the first version ?
A I think the commanders are underpowered in forged alliance ( with ou without the mod ) it is why they will be add in the first verson.

Q Any date for the first Experimental Wars : The Awakening version ?
A Soon I hope.

If you have any other question do be affraid :)

50ShadesofGray - - 412 comments

id like to type my thoughts on this.

name change is ok.

ballance isnt really that high on my mind once things get to vet 5 its just spam as normal anyway, the bugs however do need some work and i can understand if you cant be bothered seeing as many are not because of your mod and are simply FA.

A.I. = meh

overall i do hope it isn't different from what it is currently. this mod is different to others as it changes both the amount of units and what the units are. i am wishing that you keep the vet upgrades and get the T2 defenses and T3s for air and sea.

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asdrubaelvect29 Author
asdrubaelvect29 - - 271 comments

But for me it will be much easy to work and balance upgrade by upgrade than work on all upgrades :)

Currently I m sure some T2 units veterancy 5 are better than T3 units veterancy 3 ... the balance must be change.

The most important problem in expe wars there is not enough bug report or balance report ... and I think it is because there is too much things for correct test .

I hope with that new system all player can give me an opinion.

Normaly if the players do a lot of reply the mod could be finish on 1 month

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OmeG - - 816 comments

When will the new mod be ready for testing if you're able to finish it in 1 month?

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asdrubaelvect29 Author
asdrubaelvect29 - - 271 comments

The first version of Experimental Wars Awakening need a lot of work :) I must remove a lot of veterancies upgrades ( level 2 to 5 for each unit and each tech )

Currently I just finished the research centers :)

Now there is only 1 research by tech. I m uploading the table in the mod's screens. :D

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OmeG - - 816 comments

Hope to try it out soon :)

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Palanduss - - 158 comments

Where can we send bug reports to? I'd be more than happy to bughunt for you, if I knew where to send bug reports...

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VOLKSCULT - - 68 comments

Are you working on the mod together or did you stop ??

now we have Feb. 2012 and there are no news since okt. 2011 :(

At this point i´ll tell you some bugs:

Cybran T2 Exp Arty Bot dosen´t attack targets i select. They shot where they "think".

At each faction: when i spawn a unit out of the Quantum Gates units around the gate takeing damage.

When i teleport the SACU´s they take damage after teleporting them.

At last some idea´s from me:

It will be cool when Cybran T3 Ships are able to walk on land to. ;)

The shield generators are often not strong enoght, the need a little bit more power ;) At this point Cybran Shield´s are very expensive to bring them to the highest level so they should be the strongest.


UEF,AEON,Serapim--> + 20% Shieldpower
Cybran --> + 50% Shieldpower

or cybran shield´s must be cheaper to build/upgrade ??

I hope that give you some help and plz keep on working for the mod ;)


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Lancars - - 8 comments

I liked the vet armor upgrades in 2.8.3. Its one of the reasons i picked up this mod out of many mods. I don't really do multi i prefer facing the A.I and having long battles. If you remove the vet rewards like extra guns or armor then i see no point in updating.

You did great work on it so far but if you toss that all out instead of focusing ON balance then i see no point as this will just be a generic mod.

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Wraithlord_Zeratul - - 402 comments

When will the experimental wars the awakening released? (><)

I really want to see Tech 3 air and land units and experimental air / sea units veterancies upgrades.

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Bundy210 - - 2 comments

This looks awesome, but I must have done something wrong. After down loading file, then use winZip to extract files to SCFA, but still can't get it to work, no desktop short cut. Thought maybe after I started the game, I could access the game there. But not happening. Please someone tell me what I've done wrong, want to play this mod so bad. Thanks for any help in this matter.

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cjdpugs - - 1 comments

2 things
1 Are you still actively working on this mod
2 have there been any releases and where are they or when can we expect one

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