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A new update is now available for Expanding Fronts! This update provides a significant boost to our new AI's abilities, alongside some bug fixes and additional content.

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It's time for another Expanding Fronts update. Our team has been hard at work cracking down on issues related to the new Expanded AI system, and thanks to numerous reports from community members here and on our Discord, we have managed to correct the majority of them. The AI should now fare significantly better during standard matches. The 1.3.2 patch can be downloaded here. The full 1.3 download file has also been updated to include the 1.3.2 changes.

Also included with this update are some new Random Maps and editor props.


- Computer - Feeder personality will no longer spam taunts due to improper diplomacy checks.
- Computer - Players sharing a slot with a Computer player will no longer cause a crash.
- Expanded - Fixed combat-arm and combat-supp MECH/HW so AI will train Mech units more appropriately.
- Expanded - Fixed AI spamming itself with debug messages related to focus-econtech and bombardment-failure goals.
- Expanded - Tweaked strategic numbers for gatherer retasking. Workers should now make more consistent decisions about resource collection.
- Expanded - AI will no longer build an excessive amount of Command Centers, and the amount constructed is now capped based on map size.
- Expanded - Increased allowed distance for resource drop-off sites at TL4.
- Expanded - AI will no longer construct more Animal Nurseries than is needed due to not accounting for ones still under construction.
- Expanded - AI will now ask for Carbon and Ore if it has no Command Centers but has at least one Worker and allies with a Spaceport.
- Expanded - Fixed combat-arm AIR not being able to train aircraft due to lacking a rule that responds to focus-bombardment.
- Expanded - Naboo AI will now research Advanced Engines when they select combat-arm AIR.
- Expanded - Gungan AI will now research Potent Plasma.
- Expanded - Altered number of allowed idle units based on the difficulty setting.
- Expanded - Added rule to TL2 to build an extra Food Processing Center if it has just 1 so it might catch berries outside of the initial starting zone while it still has huntable animals within range of the current drop-off.
- Expanded - AI will no longer starve itself for Carbon by building excessive trade units in situations where it needs the resources for other buildings/units.
- Expanded - Fixed air-based strategies not using Fighters in TL3 to counter enemy aircraft.
- Expanded - Removed the AI's ability to cheat by using buy/sell actions while their Spaceport is still under construction.
- Expanded - Fixed lag caused by two or more anti-air trooper train rules being able to fire at the same time
- Expanded - Added toggles to all anti-air unit training rules so they do not cycle endlessly, improving performance.
- Expanded - Added preemptive resource dropoff placement for Carbon/Food.
- Expanded - Fixed AI getting stuck in bombardment-failure YES state even though it has enough bombardment units.
- Expanded - Fixed combat-arm AIR so it can train Bombers in response to goal bombardment-failure.
- Expanded - Fixed AI spamming Cargo Hovercraft/Freighters when their town is under attack.
- Expanded - Tweaked resource gathering rates if an enemy is likely to rush.
- Expanded - AI can now train Ewoks and Jawas and will research technologies from capturable structures.
- Expanded - Added pop-limit-dependent group settings for military-parity FORCED so it doesn't send a constant trickle of single-unit armies on higher than 50 pop settings.
- Expanded - Added mechanic for combat-arm/pre-unique-arm TROOP to research Trooper upgrades after 3 minutes in any given age even if upgrade-conflict is toggled.
- Expanded - Fool-proofed combat-arm/combat-support choice logics, including the taunt response ones.
- Expanded - Added a system for Naval Admirals to compare their navy to the enemy, and build more shipyards if their navy is inferior, and they have plenty of resources. Military-parity is now initialized as NO rather than YES.
- Expanded - Changed Boomer personality so it is more willing to build Farms than other personalities.
- Expanded - AI reacts faster to being betrayed by team members.

- NEW Scripts: Abregado-Rae, Aeten II, Atoll, Alzoc III, Cross, Isthmus, Orchards.
- Vergesso - Altered resource distribution and landmass generation to make starting landmasses fairer.
- Wayland - Altered terrain generation for larger forests.

- (FO) Flametrooper - Unit now displays the correct footprint effect.
- (RS) Adv Fighter - Corrected issues with unit shadow.
- (RS) Hvy Mech Destroyer - Unit no longer leaves footprints.
- (RS) Troopers now fire blue projectiles
- Several new terrain textures have been adjusted to fit more naturally with the original terrains.
- Damaged Command Posts no longer display a ring around their base.

- (RS) Cargo Freighter icon restored.
- Corrected typos in several older taunt strings.

- Sludge terrain now blocks land unit movement.

- Corrected issue that caused Gungan foundation terrain to block the construction of new buildings.
- (RS) Anti-Air Destroyer now properly upgrades after researching Hvy Anti-Air Destroyer.


Very nice! Thanks for all the support for this great mod :)

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Hey. Thank you for the mod. but i cant see the order controls on the bottom left side, like the status: agressive, defensive stop. etc

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Lovely patch. Everything was downloaded and the game was updated. But Gungan foundation terrain still blocks the construction of new buildings.

Also, other than Endor, what other maps have captureable buildings that make units? And I've been uanble to find captureable buildings that create Jawas or research technologies.

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