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This patch addresses multiple issues with the 1.3 release of Expanding Fronts, most notably the performance of the new AI. Some performance and balancing tweaks are also included.

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A patch has been released for the Expanding Fronts mod which addresses multiple issues with the 1.3 version, most notably the performance of the new AI. Some performance and balancing tweaks are also included. The original game AI has been restored as the default Computer player, with only minimal changes added in order to make use of new EF Content. The new Expanded AI has undergone numerous fixes and is available as a selectable option for singleplayer matches. You can download the 1.3.1 Patch Here. The full Expanding Fronts 1.3 Download file has also been updated to include the 1.3.1 changes and can be downloaded if you haven't tried out the mod yet.


- (All Civs) Cargo Freighters can no longer garrison into transports.
- (FO) Flametroopers now share the same garrison properties as other trooper units.
- (GE) Darth Vader has been granted the rank of Master.
- (RS) Ski Speeder - Attack bonus has been restricted to Hvy Weapons Factory units, Cannons, and Assault Mechs
- (ZC) Piracy now affects Cargo Freighters.

- The original Standard AI has been restored as the default AI option, with only minimal changes to support new EF units and features.
- The rewritten Expanding Fronts AI is now available as a secondary option, named Computer Expanded.
- Expanded - Will now advance beyond Tech Level 1 on Easy difficulty.
- Expanded - Will no longer use up the majority of its population space on Workers.
- Expanded - Fixed AI being prevented from constructing farms due to gather percentage settings.
- Expanded - Fixed AI not being able to execute certain trooper strategies due to missing an Animal Nursery.
- Expanded - Added additional rules for Deathmatch game types.
- Expanded - AI will no longer resign if it has an Undefeatable Object in its possession.
- Expanded - AI now takes Deployed Cannons into consideration when training additional Cannons.
- Expanded - Increased Carbon, Nova, and Ore dropoff maximum amounts.
- Expanded - AI will now preemptively begin restocking military units after it initiates an attack.
- Expanded - Fixed an issue that caused the AI to repeatedly spam attack commands to itself, resulting in lag/framerate drops during matches.
- Expanded - Fixed potential crash related to AI diplomacy checks.

Arena - If berries are spawned, they will always appear within player walls. Extra random berries will always appear near the center of the map.
Arena - Tweaked nearby Nova and Ore deposits so they will interfere less with player walls.
Rhen Var - Spectral Guardian stats tweaked.

- (CF) Frigate - No longer changes graphics to a Lt Frigate while attacking.
- (CF) Utility Trawler - Fixed anchoring issue.
- (FO) Trooper w/incorrect blaster graphics appearing during walking animations.
- (FO) Mech Factory T4 - Fixed player color issue.
- (FO) Sith Trooper - Fixed decay animation.
- (FO) Jet Trooper - Adjusted scaling of death/decay animation.
- (FO) Assault Mech - Fixed graphics error in decay animation.
- (FO) Hvy Assault Mech - Fixed attack sound
- (FO) Air Cruiser - Fixed firing sound.
- (GN) Cargo Freighter - Unit has a new graphics set.
- (GO) Light Walls - Now use the Geonosian 1x1 construction graphic set.
- (RS) Assault Mech, Ski Speeder - Updated voice filter effect to be more consistent with other units.
- (RA) Echuu Shen-Jon - Fixed player colors during his attack animation.
- (RS) Attacker - Fixed gyroscopics so the canopy is properly rotated; added lighter metal hull coloring.
- (RS) Cruiser - Fixed unit anchor points.
- (RS) Trooper Recruit - Redid unit with improved uniform coloring.
- (TF) Monitor - Unit now displays shadow properly.
- Ion Cannon Tower - Now uses a new turret model unique from the Turbolaser; added new icon
- Fixed color issues with "Crack" eye-candy object.
- Fixed some scaling issues with (FO) AA Troopers and (FO) Cardo.
- Fixed death sounds for (FO) Bounty Hunter, Flametrooper, Riot Trooper, and (RS) Han Solo [Ep7].
- Fixed RS Hvy Strike Mech and Artillery voice/sound issues.
- Fixed issue for (FO) Ren units that caused some walking and completion sounds to be reversed.
- Fixed (RS) Ski Speeder and (RS) Bomber projectile sounds.
- Added engine effects to several RS units.
- Added new audio taunts, bringing the total amount to 300.

- (RA) Plasma Detonators tech now has a unique icon.
- Sand Rock 3 terrain renamed to Sand w/Rock 3 for consistency with other terrains.
- Fixed missing/misplaced AI leader names.
- Fixed some unit descriptions.
- Added language entries for new taunts.
- Made message for captured animals more generic.

- Fixed (RS) Fast Fighter incorrectly appearing in the RA unit list.
- Civilization techs have been added for use in Conditions.

- Battles of the Galaxy 1: Jakku - Added additional information to the Intelligence menu; made introduction to Comm Tower object more obvious; replaced Ion Cannons present in the scenario with Turbolaser Towers.

- (FO) Superlaser cannon is now affected by area damage attacks.
- (RS) Destroyer now properly upgrades after researching Hvy Destroyer.
- Fixed issue that allowed many props and editor objects to be destroyed by splash damage.


Nice update. Thanks for the continued modding effort.

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Thank you for the update, but the Computer Expanded AI is still wonky. I observed it on Hard, and all it did (3 matches in a row, Resistance and Rebel Alliance) was use the initial workers to build a prefab, a carbon pit, and then use these workers to wall in until it (presumably) ran out of ore... It didn't train workers at this time, nor build other structures.

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I have now played this mod a few times and with the 1.3.1. update to the AI, I must say: this is truly a master piece. Thank you for your service.

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