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EXIL : Update of the development since January 2011. (Wallrun, first-person view, third person view)

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Resume :

Since january I have done some gameplay parts. The player can now do wallruns. The waljumps are allowed too. I'm currently working on the ledge/climbing system. I'm also thinking on (and designing) the fight system.
My current purpose is to achieve a maximum of the acrobatic movements for having the base scale of the player capacity. I need this for starting to design the levels. Without a good base I think it will be a waste of time to do a level and discovering what I was predicted is wrong and finally need to redo the level. Of course, I will need to test a lot my levels later.

What is done currently ?

-The basic wallrun (no animation)
-The wallrun jump (the player can jump way the wall while a wallrun)
-The wallrun work only if the player is still pressing the button (like prince of persia)
-Walljump (jump with the base of wall, on the opposite direction)
-Superjump (close of borders, the player do a long jump)
-Third person camera
-First person camera with 180 degrees angle limited (like the game Riddick)
-Able to switch between the 2 cameras

Currently in development ?

-Ledge/Climbing system
-Gravity system (to be able to walk on the floor and others wall)
-Fight system (no enemy, only player actions is planned)

Work in progress video :

Again, you can follow the project with :

"-Fight system (no enemy, only player actions is planned)"
You mean that there won't be any enemies or that you still didn't write about enemies? Because if you aren't putting enemies there's no why putting a fight system...

The other things looks quite great, I like to see progress on something, keep up the good work.

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Froyok Author

The first thing I need to do is to create the player fight actions, and ennemies after. So, I misspoke : of course there will be a lot of ennemies !
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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It's looking great so far! =D Keep up the good work

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that s great .. !

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