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We are happy to announce that Escape the Grid VR v0.2.1 is finally out on steam!

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Escape the Grid VR v0.2.1 is Out Now!!!

Lis of new features and game changes:

  • Scoreboard with personal highscores (*)
  • Scoreboard with global highscores (*)
  • Climbing throw major change (**)
  • Tutorial minor changes
  • Level 1/2/3 rework (***)
  • Fixes and tunings of the movements (****)
  • Added view rotation support via oculus joystick or vive touchpad swipe
  • Fixed sondtrack shuffle issues
  • Added oculus controllers images in the tutorial level
  • Minor design changes

(*)You can check your personal and global score in the game hub, either via the level pillar (personal scores) or an interactable panel in the main hall (global scoreboard). Also, while playing any level, you can check your current run time by looking at the back of your controller;

(**)Based on the feedback we received, we changed the way you throw yourself while climbing: from the direction you were looking, to the direction of your actual controller movement;

(***)We simplified some tedious parts in the early levels to improve the game experience for new players;

(****)We tuned the timings and the actual forces of the hand thrusters, fixed the double hand thruster not being properly registered;

If you want to find out more about the game remember to come visit us on Steam or on Discord

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