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While editing the story, I'm experiencing an often occurrence in errors.

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Just today, I received another error whilst attempting to enter the level editor, and so far I've received probably over 10 errors. Unfortunately the more often they occur, the longer of a delay from it's release date, and as I've been working on this for almost a year, I eagerly want to get this done to see the final result. I'm trying my best to improve the level design as best I can for it's release.

For some reason most of the errors are because of the lamps file. I'm not to sure why but originally candle_stick_orange.ent was causing it to crash, and then hanging_lantern_wall.ent and now one of the chandeliers. If anyone knows what's going on, please let me now as I'm currently trying to figure it out. Stay tuned and enjoy your day :)

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i have had this problem, but with aamfp assets, really weird!! post it on frictional forums, anybody could try to solve your problem

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