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A closer look at map 3 of the first episode and some information about the next map I'm working on.

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Episode 1 will take place on a distant desert-like planet plagued with constant sandstorms. There is a small amount of water on the planet but it's buried deep within the rocks. The UAC has therefore constructed some facilities to pump the water to the surface. A1M3 (the third map of episode 1) represents such a facility.


The Area

This map will guide the player via a humid underground section towards a water treatment facility located deep within the rocks. There will be both indoor and outdoor sections with multiple paths leading to the objectives. Just like A1M1, the map will rely mostly on dynamic lights and fog to create a unique atmosphere.


Current Status

The map is about 90% completed. There are a couple more areas that need some extra detailing and I still need to do some scripting to make everything work as intended. After that, I can start placing entities and wrap this up.


What's next?

It probably doesn't make alot of sense but the next map I will be working on is the second map of episode 1. When I started working again on this project I was looking at all the parts I created and when I opened map 3, I immediately had inspiration so I just went trough with it. I already have lots of things I want to add in map 2 so it shouldn't take too long to complete. When I have enough to show, we will have a closer look at the map.


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