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The third preview of the upcoming Evolution of Combat IV, this time focusing on the redesigned class system in-game.

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Welcome to the third preview of Evolution of Combat IV! In this update we wanted to give you some details about the redesigned class system in-game in multiplayer and in single player.

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The new class system is perhaps one of the biggest changes in EoCIV. It adds not only more class options than ever before, but a true reason for picking your class to play with. As well as changing your skin, classes now assign the correct weapons, force powers and animations for that character. This means it's quicker than ever before to get started in a game, you just pick your class and go! We've worked hard to make all the classes movie accurate, meaning the weapons and force powers assigned to you when you choose a class are representative of what those would be if the character was in the films. This makes EoCIV now totally realistic to the Star Wars universe. We've also resized models for characters meaning they are correct to the character, so you'll never have a 6ft Yoda running around in multiplayer again!

The class system not only works in multiplayer, but in singleplayer too. You can now choose your class to play as during the story meaning you get access to different weapons and abilities to help you on your journey.

It's a massive change to the game making it not only more personal to your individual play-style, but quicker to setup and more accurate to the franchise.

Check out the video below to see some of the classes in action!

There's a lot more to tell you, so don't forget to watch this page to get updates when we post, or alternatively subscribe on YouTube! We'll be posting regular updates like this in the lead up to EoCIV's launch in December.

Evolution of Combat IV

Cankler - - 109 comments

Wow. That is great!
By the way, i saw the Character screen from KOTF in the video.
Are you trying to add more Star Wars Characters besides the KOTF included Characters?

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MattFiler Author
MattFiler - - 298 comments

Yeah, at the moment we're using some KOTF screens (among others) to stand in until we've got our menus up and running.

Thanks for the feedback!

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SLeNd3rMaN23 - - 631 comments

awesome, cant wait till release!
I just have one question though is there gonna be any EU characters or weapons?

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MattFiler Author
MattFiler - - 298 comments

We're still adding characters at the moment so I can't say for certain, but as we're trying to stick to the principal of movie realism probably not.

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JamyzGenius - - 514 comments

Looks sick! I can't wait to play this mod.

Keep the awesome work!
Best Regards.

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Hels - - 84 comments

AMAZING GUYS. The mod is starting to look more like a professional project rather than simply a personal mod made in your free time. I'm not sure, but it really seems as if the mod was in a evolution stage, and that feels great.

Have you thought about making any story mode? Having in count the improved AI that I already found in EoC III, that, I presume, will be far improved in this version, a story mode would be amazing. More even if it had some sandbox/rpg elements. You could feature some different stories for the main character as Luke, Kyle katarn, Kit Fisto, etc., and a generic story mode for created character or generic Jedi/Sith characters. Featuring old canon EU that LucasFilms rejected to maintain. Mainly because of the aged Luke.

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MattFiler Author
MattFiler - - 298 comments

We'll be talking more about story mode in another preview, there are some changes coming.

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas though, it's great to hear the support!

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