SerenitySaberSystems is the team behind Evolution of Combat 1-4, a series of modifications for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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Evolution of Combat IV

Evolution of Combat IV

Third Person Shooter

Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic...

Evolution of Combat III Remastered

Evolution of Combat III Remastered

Third Person Shooter

The definitive working version of Evolution of Combat III. Includes improved combat, menus, UI, HUD, advanced options and an alpha co-op mode!

Androidmaluco - - 24 comments

Please make one version for Android

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RapGooD - - 7 comments


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Hels - - 84 comments

"This is where the message is often lost.People compare the sabersystem to base,ojp Moviebattles etc etc.

It should (but sadly never has been) be compared to the movies style."

False, I always compared it to the movies. Just because the moves in the mod let you feel when you are doing a bad movement, and those things.

Just 2 things to tell you. First one, something should be made in order to avoid excesive slaping and kicks in the fight. I have got myself into the sword fighting, aswell as into starwars world, and altough the slaping thing is something usefull, it should be the last method used to create an opening, and only when you are extremely near, otherwise, you will create an opening on your own defense (or that's what should happen). I don't know if you already did, but my opinion is that by hitting the enemy blade with some specific moves, or in some way or in some specific situation, you should be able to break the enemy defense by moving the enemy blade out of the way so that he can't block the next attack for a little while. A little slowbounce, in essence. However, this slowbounce should be easy to counter by, for example, releasing the blocking button just at the start of the slowbounce, and pressing it again to regain your defense position.

The other thing is that I don't consider fair that crouching and meditating gives you the same force recovery. Is ok for me with the fact that crouching gives you extra force points recovery, but it shouldnt be so fast but like 1.5x. And meditating should be an instant full recovery after a second or 2 second waiting. Although the waiting time could still be different depending on the character you are playing with and/or the skills you selected.

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serenity937 - - 474 comments

Hi guys

Hopefully you had a chance to see what we are trying to achieve .

1. Uniformity .

It always annoyed me that single player and multi player combat systems were different from each other. I understand why there different but i never liked it anyway.

The first task with the mod is to get mp/sp exactly the same (or a near as dammit) taking into account that 1 is played with 0 latency and the other could be 80-120 ping for some people.

2. Inspirations

My first and most important inspiration is the films.If you truly want to understand EoC sabersystem then you have to really,really watch the sabercombat.

Look how quigon Blocks,Dodges and moves his legs.The pace of attack and defence.He slaps and kicks his enemys "NO SILLY JUMPING ABOUT"

This is where the message is often lost.People compare the sabersystem to base,ojp Moviebattles etc etc.

It should (but sadly never has been) be compared to the movies style.

It contain elements and ideas from all mods,as all mods contain elements from the movies.

My second inspiration is The mods themselves.

Like everybody else i played all the popular mods,but in many cases i found them unbalanced or unfair.
Im not going to name any mods here because i dont want to start any pointless debate about opinions.

However ,In the early days some mods came out and were fantastic but as time went on they got updated and changed and on the way they lost something and it became more about Points and bars on the screen.People look to see the block point bar on the screen and can measure from there BP when to go for a kill.This is predictable and repetitive. It leaves little to the imagination and make sabercombat a simple routing that is followed to the letter or you fail.

I understand its "All about balance" so i decided to go back to basics (stawars basics ,whatever that means!).
Lets stick to sabercombat for now ill talk about guns later.I was in the British army for 18 years so i count myself as a bit of an authority on combat in general .

The sabersystem is built to allow much more freedom of movement.Im not going to talk code here but i did it by chaining and splicing lots of animations code in the sabersystem code.

I have not "AND NEVER WILL" write a tutorial for the sabersystem. I have made a video to get people started

But after that it is up to people to develop there own style- "Feel the force flowing through you".........Who said that?????

The sabersystem in mp and sp is almost identical so practice in the training room with tavion.

Some basic tips.

walking in close saber contact will reduce the amount of force used to block some types of attack .
Accurate blocking will tire your opponent quickly
Use of slaps and kicks in close combat is advised to stun your enemy and create a opening for attack.
Crouch or meditate to regain your forcepowers at x2 speed
Dont let your force powers drop below 25 fp in saber combat, blocking lightning can be very difficult at close range as close lightning now inflicts more damage and costs more to block .Warning Bots and Npc,s can see if your tired or low on fp by your animations and will strike harder if they get a chance.

:) Serenity 8-)

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Nardja - - 27 comments

Can you release a SerenityJediEngine2016 version without these ui changes and with g_debugSaberLock 1
i want the manual blocking but not the other changes?

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