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A new version bringing plenty of balance changes to the mod.

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EOA v1.8 has now been released! Grab a download as soon as possible!

This only made changes to the code file, so if you already have EOA Assets, you'll only need to download the updated EOA Code file (click here to do so).

Also I will write a guide for how to play EOA sometime soon, now that I'm coming across some free time. I operated under the assumption that people who played this mod would have played (or at least known about) DOOM (2016)... but I've met some people who haven't. So this guide will be written... and hey, it may even come in handy for those of you who wish to start playing DOOM (2016)! ;)

Happy Slaying!


===== v1.8 =====
- Fixed a bug where Powerup sounds were not properly precached (precache calls were not stored in the base class that would've defined them).
- Removed the SHOOTABLE flag from interactable actors, since they got in the way of certain progression sequences.
- Added an option to turn off the minimum sector light levels (will require a map restart to fully take place).
- Added an option to turn off Glory Kill highlights.
- Added an option to disable the custom crosshairs.
- Un-nullified GetViewZ. It now compensates again for player's view-bobbing.
- The Mobile Turret will now clear all kill counters for the current deployment for the mastery challenge if it stalls.
- Added the UNDROPPABLE flag to the Thrust Boots.
- Added credits to Titlemap.txt.
- Jagged Shrapnel bleed damage increased to 8 per iteration (previously 2 per iteration).
- Jagged Shrapnel no longer forces damage every 4 iterations.
- Jagged Shrapnel now triggers with standard rocket detonations as well as remote detonations if External Payload is acquired.
- Changed various looping/ambient sounds to play at 75% volume.
- Changed various looping/ambient sounds to have dramatically reduced sound range.
- Changed the Automap Station's height to 32 (previously 42).
- Player now faces the top of the Automap Station's hitbox (previously middle).
- If the player has the Combat Shotgun start enabled, the Combat Shotgun will delay an additional 10 tics before raising to perform its pumping animation.
- Powerups no longer decrement in duration whenever a Glory Kill is being performed.
- Changed Ammo Crate to dispense ammo pickups for each ammo type simultaneously.
- Ammo crate pickups now have a tighter forward velocity for 1 tic before changing velocity to spread out.
- Removed all Textures.Archive TEXTURES entries.
- GetLedgeOffset now returns the offset for the highest mantleable ledge within the player's vicinity.
- Mantling a ledge no longer sets the Slayer's pitch to 0.
- Mantling animation now raises/lowers depending on how far up/down the Slayer is looking.
- Lowered mantling animation offset by 16 units.
- GetLedgeOffset now implements an angular check to see if there's room to mantle before attempting to do so (previously a quad-directional check).
- Doubled GetLedgeOffset's height check threshold.
- Removed GZF_3DRESTRICT from various calls to GetZAt.
- Moved calls to setting the UseEquipment weapon variable to False within code blocks pertaining to PSprite state jumps for their respective actions.
- Weapons that support external mods now play a clicking sound if Alt-Fire is pressed but no mod is equipped.
- The Rocket Launcher now plays a clicking sound if the Lock-On Burst is equipped and Alt-Fire is pressed, but there are no viable targets in sight.
- Mantling animation duration is now reduced by 5 tics.
- Removed calls to A_RadiusThrust in temporary items.
- Items can now get passively picked up if they touch the player, without the player needing any velocity.


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My shotgun is disappears when i pick up i dont know if its my fault or the mods though.

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