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Entropy : Zero Soundtrack now available for download!

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Hi folks,

You can now get your hands on the Entropy : Zero soundtrack on Steam. It's free, and there are some unused extras in there for you to listen to.

I'll be updating the soundtrack as the mod grows and we add more bits.


Version 3

I'm taking a break over the Christmas period, but must admit I've already started work on the first deployment for the mod.

Version 3 is going to be a bit bigger and will take some time to arrive due to what's happening. I'm planning on adding other languages besides English to the mod, to better support those interested in other territories (the response has been overwhelming!). For that I will need the help of the community and will be posting a call to action when the time arrives.

I don't know how I'm going to be handling deployments yet - they might be released one at a time as they are completed, or I might bunch two or three together at a time. Who knows!

I can talk a bit about the first one though.

Deployments will give you a look at the life of Bad Cop during the events leading up to his 'adventure' in City 10. There will be raids coming and such, but for our first deployment you will be witnessing Bad Cop being put through trials for the final part of his initiation into Civil Protection.

You'll be put into 'the pits' - a proving ground for new units. Monitored closely by one of the many 'benefactors', you'll be evaluated depending on your performance as you display your agility, chase down prisoners and show off your shooting skills (+ other things). The experience is being designed to be synonymous to that of Aperture, with each test being held in individual chambers (I wonder where the Combine got that idea from...)

I'm having a blast playing with these concepts, and I can't wait to share them with you in their completed forms. I'll be posting updates as we go in the new year and there will probably be some hotfixes coming down the line for v2 at some point, too. So watch out for that!

Happy holidays!


I can't wait for the new deployments to arrive! I hope it comes with it's own chapter (most likely a chapter 0 or something like the firing range), they sound like fun.

I also hope in the future you consider on possibly expanding upon various chapters, since I have an idea for a possible expansion to Chapter 2 if you'd like to hear (involves using possibly some Human Error code for a certain vehicle *wink*).

Anyhow, I look forward to EZ's future, make sure to also have a look at the suggestions and stuff for the mod.

Enjoy your Christmas! ^w^

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What I was waiting for!

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Hey you have earned the break :D

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