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Entodrive 0.625: +2 New Mystical Sidequest Events, +Map Reworks.

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What I've been working on :

+Rebalanced monster stats
+Resigem Mystical Event (starts in Euclid Cave)
+Amiga Tower is now accessible in Crystal Town
+Womberyl Mystical Event (starts in Amiga Tower)

*New Mystical Events can be accessed after facing Solomoan in the Fantom Tower
+Battle Forever Troops Patrolling the Amiga Tower

+Revisit your Mom Event
+Reworked Crystal Coves
+Added secret grass patch to Crystal Coves
+Added secret cave to Javapool

+Improved occlusion for earlier levels (Javapool, Crystal Caves South, Crystal Cove, Crystal Town)
+Added more drops for Astral, Geo, Dread, and Floral Stones across Cache Isle
+WIP on the Apex Castle:

What's coming next :

The Apex Castle will be the Finale to the Forever Corp Storyline in Entodrive. The Apex Castle will be accessible through Carmine City.
Reworked Mystery Tunnel
Entodrive World Championship
Updated community guides

Updated Monster List :

World Map :

Ability Chart :

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