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Welcome to the world of Ayriua an new 2d sandbox open world survival game.

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This project has been in the work for sometime as the Project manager, our team has been hard at work creating this new game.

What is Ayriua?, This game is about defending the last of humanity by managing, crafting and defending your Village from the Corruption, your task is to seal away from the corruption before it can consume the world.

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The Corruption is a very aggressive Entity that can infect other lifeforms and transform them.
We have come up with what the infection will first look like and it will slowly progress for each animal type within the game, causing them to become more dangerous and unpredictable.

With many natural elements to explore around the world and items to collect there are many unique and mystical elements to this game project, this new 2d sandbox survival game will be fast paced and exciting to play.


creature sketch 4

enviro roughs 1

.orbflower sketches 1

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