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The major change in "Enhanced" and some news about PFR:SE4

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Some long and drawn out news.
Firstly I would like to discuss Pokeman FireRed SUPRE EDITiON 4.
I know the entire mod "series" is a complete joke as it makes it so obvious, but I have grown tired of it and having another Pokemon mod to work with slows down the process of work. So, if anyone is willing to take SUPRE EDITiON for their own needs, desires, or whatever, it is up for grabs, just message me and let me know.

Now, for the main mod at hand. Pokeman Ruby Enhanced will now be known as,
"Pokeman Fallen Sky"
This change is just the title as the premise will stay the same. With the loss of SUPRE EDITiON I will have much more time to work with Fallen Sky and improve upon it. The next release will be version 3 and should feature lots of improvements and changes. However it will not be released for some time, so do not be looking for it anytime soon.

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