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Yep you heard right if HD textures and sprites was not enough now its time for some nice looking particles

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Sorry I have not updated I'v been working with another dev for some weapons on the mod. But on the other side 3.0 release is going to be much smaller cause it does not have the huge HD texture pack like in 2.0.

3.0 will address some bugs such as not getting a radio from the archvile after a melee kill and why the assault rifle only spawned with 36 rounds and not its full 40.

Some monsters have also been changed in terms of speed and damage.

A new sound overhaul for the monsters has been done as I listen to the feedback regarding some of the sounds.

A new partical system is coming in with new HD look to fireballs , explosions , Plasma blasts , teleport and more.

Also Integrating the Brightmaps and Hud into the main pack so you will no longer need them as separate ad dons.

Stay tuned for 3.0

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