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Enhanced minor factions troop tree is completed. And there is a poll about minor factions at taleworlds forum thread.

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User Posted ImageLoyal Hunter --> Loyal Warrior --> Loyal Cavalry --> Loyal Knight
User Posted ImageWhite Archer --> White Watchman --> White Marksman --> White Sharpshooter
User Posted ImageGrey Khergit Tribesman --> Grey Khergit Hunter --> Grey Khergit Horseman --> Grey Khergit Guard
User Posted ImageNordland Hunter --> Nordland Warrior --> Nordland Veteran --> Nordland Champion
User Posted ImageBalion Recruit --> Balion Warrior --> Balion Veteran --> Balion Champion
User Posted ImageSultan's Ranger--> Sultan's Cavalry --> Sultan's Guard --> Sultan's Warden
User Posted ImageDark Hunter --> Dark Warrior --> Dark Cavalry --> Dark Knight
User Posted ImageBear Hunter --> Bear Driver --> Bear Crusher --> Bear Choker
User Posted ImageBlack Khergit Tribesman --> Black Khergit Hunter --> Black Khergit Horseman --> Black Khergit Guard
User Posted ImageJumne Looter --> Jumne Raider --> Jumne Bandit --> Jumne Pirate
User Posted ImageTown Looter --> Town Raider --> Town Bandit --> Town Brigand
User Posted ImageDesert Looter --> Desert Raider --> Desert Bandit --> Desert Gazelle

What is your favourite minor faction?

Khurzen - - 159 comments

there r minor factions in 0.5?

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buzmb Author
buzmb - - 140 comments

Yes but only two troop tiers per group.

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