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This is article about really powerful evil races from my full fantasy book. They are horror of the universe.

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1). Yotuns

Yotuns (Ki`Ara) - is one of the horrible and dangerous threats for all universe. Legends tells different things. Many races thinks that Yotuns appeared in the Age of Firstborn Stars (in the beginning of the Universe Life) and there were servants of Creators. But some of them changed their side and started to want capture all universe and to be the same as Gods. No one mortal person knows about Yotuns origin. Almost no one can understand Yotuns nature. Nobody saw Yotuns truly form. But all knows that Yotuns always make their actions by hands of other races, who serves them. Yotuns have a biggest army of slaves, who can die with the name of Yotuns in their mouths. Some universe wizards thinks that Yotuns can have something like United Mind, supreme commander of this evil. Yotuns also making experiments with low-life forms. This race is the greatest threat for all universe. They can simply destroy all life forever.

2). Ara`Hnii

This race was main enemy of Earth humans over 200 years. In the end of XXI century Ara`Hnii started to be dangerous enemy of Earth colonists. This race of giant insects, who likes to eat flesh and blood. They were insects, who have minds and own thoughts, and who can even talk in other languages. They can be in different forms - flying, underworld-driving or standard. This race is controlled by powerful Bugs Queen, who is their Matriarch and main leader. Bugs Queens have life the same as ordinary Ant queens. They also have government as Butterfly Council. Mighty Butterflies helps Queens to rule her empire. Ara`Hnii race have bionic technologies and even space fleets. Humans won a lot of battles with Ara`Hnii in the space and in the corrupted planets. Bugs Queen was destroyed by heavy atomic bomb, and now (in XXVI century) Ara`Hnii is not dangerous for humans. Humans defeated this race.

3). Khas`Zaa`Aris

Khas`Zaa`Aris (Khazars in humans lang.) was the one of dangerous races for humans in XXII century. Their form is almost like humans, so its can be possible to call them humanoids. Humans met them in the planet Cassao. They tried to destroy all natives in Cassao planet. Humans helped poor peasants to defend their villages and towns. Khazars leader (Maha`Lord) was angry about it and started to kill humans in this planet. Khazars race was the race of warriors. Each representative of this race (male or female) was the warrior and can fight with melee weapons since 3 years. Earth president made order to destroy all Khazars military bases in the Cassao. Maha`Lord of Khazars and his forces was completely destroyed in Cassao by forces of Earth Coalition. Stealth Bombers of Arizona corporation made their work very good. Soon Khazars left Cassao planet forever and stopped make genocide of locals. New Khazars leader made peace pact with Humans and now they are even have trade agreement.

4). Sozidaus

Sozidaus was the race of ordinary "small green figures" as in many sci-fi books of 70s years. Humans found them in XXIV century. When human astronauts saw members of this race in the first time, they thought that Sozidaus can`t be enemies for humans. They tried to speak with them, but aggressive aliens killed them all and made pyramide from their heads and bones. Earth president gave order to send powerful army against this creatures. Soon Earth forces understand that Sozidaus are not "small and silly bastards". Sozidaus have powerful army with giant machines. There was war between humans and Sozidaus. After 8 years of this bloody conflict, Sozidaus left their homeworld and soon they disappeared completely. Humans never saw him since 2360 year AD. Maybe now they started to be part of Yotuns great army. Nobody knows, where is Sozidaus now.

5). Croco

Croco Race also have the second name - Crocodilides. This reptiloid (lizard) race was truly horror for human colonists in the end of XXIV century. Their first attack was to the planet Urus. Earth forces destroyed aliens ships and captured prisoners, but almost 4 big cities was completely destroyed by Croco firepower. "Evil lizards" tried to make their invasion again, but humans called help of race, which members were friends for Earth. Dragons race agreed with people and helped them in Croco wars. Dragons were something like Gods for Croco race and evil lizards left Urus planet. Soon Croco leaders made peace agreement with Humans and Dragons. But in XXVI century Croco race made alliance with Yotuns and they started to be part of Yotuns great army. Now Croco is again enemies for humans.




I like the variety of the races and their specific themes/orientations.
Very nice mythos and integration for each, in general.

It is very clever to have an "evil" basis so consistent. It is the nest way to build up drama and suspense.

You have done extensive work Alex. Excellent, brother.

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there all really interesting, I especially like Ara'Hanii and the Sodzidus, (are there any Croco's who haven't joined the Yotuns? )

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BagaturKhan Author

Sozidaus maybe also joined the Yotuns. Now we don`t know it ;)

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Man, your universe grows very fast. The more you write the more questions arise. It's very interesting due to all the details.

From what you've written it sounds like Yotuns have not been evil at first. I wonder what caused them to get evil and whether the Metamorphes were involved. Maybe they're even related to each other...

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