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The Alliance to Restore Canon is working diligently to reorganize and expand out of the clone wars era so here is some information i have found to remind everyone that conflictions with continuity still exist within the show.

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Hello everyone, I'm spending the day with a reletive (who has internet access :D) so I thought that I should make good use of their internet capabilities (seeing that I'm Living in the stone age at my house) and post the information that I promised earlier.

Here is some information regarding the Inconsistency within the Night Sisters trology:

The Clone Wars
episode Nightsisters involves a different version of Ventress's background. As an infant, she is said to have been taken from a family of Nightsisters, rather than her original Rattataki species, by a slaver in order to save the rest of her tribe from suffering the same fate. A few years later her master is killed by a group of Weequay pirates who are then fighting a Jedi, Ky Narec. Asajj performs her Force powers on one of the pirates which encourages the Jedi to make her his new apprentice. Narec is later killed fighting alongside Ventress and his death drives her to the dark side. It should also be noted that, prior to and during Narec's death she actually has hair, despite earlier statements that her species was naturally hairless.[1] Nightsisters also depicts Ventress wielding two lightsabers both with green blades before joining forces with Dooku, but Star Wars: Republic 60: Hate and Fear shows her using a blue-bladed lightsaber during and following her Jedi training, and Star Wars: Clone Wars chapters 6 & 7 show her with one green and one blue bladed lightsaber.[5][9][10] Ventress' warlord parents, shown in Hate and Fear, are also entirely absent from the new backstory.

Here is some information on the "Eta-2 VS. Delta-7b" conundrum:

One example of a direct contradiction between The Clone Wars and Clone Wars is the use of Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptors at the same point in the timeline Anakin is knighted[75], whereas in The Clone Wars Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptors are used, which were ostensibly used before the later Eta-2s. In addition, some G-canon elements from works like the novelization of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith are being retconned. For example, in the novelization, Anakin remarks that he has only read about Grievous' Magnaguards in an intel report, despite having fought them in the show.[76] Another very noticeable continuity error is the fact that Anakin has his scar which he received shortly after the Battle of Rendili from Asajj Ventress. He then injured Ventress so severely she was forced to recuperate until the Battle of Boz Pity, after which she deserts the CIS and the war for good. However, as he was originally shown to receive his scar in 19 BBY, yet the series takes place in 21 BBY, this is a glaring continuity error.

Here is an elaboration on the Mandalore issue:

On August 8, 2009, Republic Commando author Karen Traviss stated that she was leaving the Star Wars franchise due to alleged continuity issues raised with the publication of The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars,[78] which included information regarding the Mandalorians that clashed with the continuity set up by her novels, most likely in reference to the trilogy of episodes involving Mandalore in the second season (i.e., "The Mandalore Plot", "Voyage of Temptation", and "Duchess of Mandalore") in which the main Mandalorian faction is portrayed as a pacifistic society living in arcologies on Mandalore, which is portrayed as a radioactive desert, contradicting all previous appearances.[79] Leland Chee[80] and Sue Rostoni maintain that the complications will eventually be worked out.

Last but not least, here is some information about the Pre-Mature killing off of Even Piell:

The season three episode, "Citadel Rescue," featured the death of Jedi Master Even Piell, even though the character previously died in the 2008 novel, Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight, written by Michael Reaves. Even Piell lived through the Clone Wars and died during the Great Jedi Purge in 19 BBY on Coruscant in the novel, while in the episode, he died during a mission around the second year of the war.

As you can clearly see before you, there are major continuity issues between the series and pre-established canon. Some conflicts are major while others are minor nevertheless, an official timeline has not yet been established. When the time comes to establish a timeline, we can only hope that they find a way to intergrate the events portrayed in the show with the events recorded in pre-established canon, rather than rewriting the entire clone wars timeline with the content from the show. For now lets just sit back and enjoy the show and maybe, just maybe, Season Four will correct the conflictions season 1, 2, and 3 created. Hopefully, without creating new conflictions.

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

"For now lets just sit back and enjoy the show and maybe, just maybe, Season Four will correct the conflictions season 1, 2, and 3 created. Hopefully, without creating new conflictions. "

Yeah, and I'm a capuchin monkey.

Fiolini won't get it right until he stops making a show for 8 year-olds who don't even know half of this stuff. And as far as George Lucas has shown us, with TFU II, TCW Online, and Star Wars Kinect -- it's not quality that matters anymore.

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alexbond45 - - 524 comments

I read this before Delta put it out, he showed it to me, asked me if it was good info.

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Vader91 - - 1,837 comments

I have always been tolerate of The Clone Wars (there were a few perks I liked; Cad Bane, the Malevolence, more of the war through a trooper's eyes) but there were a few things that ticked me off a bit. One of which was what they did to Mandalore.

I'm at the point where Clone Wars is watched only when nothing else is on (though the new Transformers Prime cartoon usually saves me from it) and I ignore most of the new games released. I'll only turn back when a new strategy game or Battlefront game comes out.

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(LONEWOLF) - - 753 comments

you could expect that they will make a new BFIII game but it will be swclonewars style instead off what we want

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

and likely at least 50% of the content is cut yet on disc, because they pushed it out early to release alongside something else.

And they'll stick a bad singleplayer campaign that breaks canon even worse than TCW, yet still will be treated as reality.

And they'll make a comic book tie-in to the story.

And they'll find some way to make Ahsoka the perfect noob hero for all players lacking skill to take. She'll likely be the new Secura (on a gameplay level).

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Ozzy667 - - 2,303 comments

Well normally I would argue with delta but this is a good article and I agree fully with these being contradictions. Well done

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata - - 1,807 comments

I say and resay : The Clone Wars is itself a contradiction.

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Nova_Stihl - - 501 comments

the only problem i really have a problem with is the mandolorian issue. the mandolorians have been continually protrayed as the greatest hunters and, while mostly farmers, a warlike people in most respects. mandolorians are led by a 'mandolore', a being who is the greatest fighter of there time and is always combat ready. never has there been a time when they were considered pacifists, and never a time when their leader was a 'duchess'. granted im a bit biased in this just becuase my favorite group in the entire franchise was the mandolorians, my 2 favorite character is boba fett, my 8th is canderous ordo, but even still, it needs to be worked out.

and @ shadowdude, im almost positive they wont make a BFlll clonewars for the main reason that the show is geared for 7 year olds (i normally go with 6 but everyone else is saying 8 and this number is in the middle) who wont be looking for this kind of stuff. they wont make it clonewars becuase there wont be enough consumers for it. the 7 year olds would be forbade by their parents, the 15 year olds who picked up star wars from their parents (my generation, and deltas/nicks i want to say[ not to sure and not saying definitely]) wont like it because its geared towards kids, and the older starwars fans (the parents, those who were young when it came out) wont like it becuase it would be for the little kids with simple controls and a horrible ai on all but the hardest difficulty.
so yes, i believe battle front 3 wont exist in the sw clone wars variations. thats my 2 cents. (why dont they have a cents sign?)

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Ozzy667 - - 2,303 comments

People follow powerful speakers. Is it so inconceivable that after a great civil war people would become distasteful of all the killing and create a a society with heads of state as pacifist. Obviously it doesn't last long because at the end of the clone wars the duchess is overthrown. I also think the duchess is a bit of a dreamer and clouded on the true nature of her people. I am sure their are a lot of the regular citizens who for the time okay with a pacifist government but soon miss their ancestors warrior ways and join in when they decide to overthrow her.

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SolidJames - - 1,326 comments


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IC-OSIK - - 1,072 comments

"For now lets just sit back and enjoy the show and maybe, just maybe, Season Four will correct the conflictions season 1, 2, and 3 created. Hopefully, without creating new conflictions."

Yeah, wishful thinking. Most likely won't happen.

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