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After six long years, BrainBread 2 is finally leaving early access, let's summarize the journey!

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Back in 2013, BrainBread: Source slowly transitioned into BrainBread 2, thanks to Greenlight we were able to push our game onto Steam. Three more years passed until the game was available in Early Access mode, sadly we never managed to get a sufficient amount of content out due to our lack of team members, but we tried our best to fill every void. Six more years passed and we're here today, lots of content has been pushed into BrainBread 2 over the years, including maps, weapons, characters, gameplay changes and more.

New Maps

Coltec, Objective

Fever, Objective

Compound, Objective

Mecklenburg, Objective

Nightclub, Objective

Swamp Trouble, Objective

Salvage, Arena

Coltec, Arena

Carnage, Arena

Surgery, Arena

Island, Arena

Rishika, Deathmatch

Backyard, Deathmatch

Cargo, Deathmatch

Rooftop, Deathmatch

Fever, Elimination

Rooftop, Elimination

New Weapons

Benelli M4


Winchester 1894


Micro Uzi



Akimbo Sawed-Off

Akimbo Glock-17

Akimbo M9 Beretta

New Characters



Postal Dude

Some New Features

Optional Side Quests (gives extra XP)

More Achievements + they give XP

Recurring XP event (now 2x)

Refined XP system - get XP based on damage dealt

  • Increased the total amount of points from 100 to 150, LvL 101 to 500 gives the new 50 points
  • Client Side Player Models - Import your fav characters to BB2!
  • Bullet Penetration - penetrate through players, npcs, solids such as walls, windows, etc
  • All custom maps can be used with the Global Profile System (stats + achievs), even if the server runs sourcemod or other thirdparty plugins
  • Improved Workshop integration, especially for dedicated servers, players will automatically download the required addon on connection
  • PvP Leaderboards
  • Zombie Skill Tree saves like the Human Skill Tree
  • Multiple maps remastered by The deadly Cutsman
  • ... and much more!

For more in-depth patch notes, go here

A big thank you to everyone who played BrainBread 2 during Early Access, especially our beloved vets who play the game to this day!


I love seeing goldsrc mods getting a source treatment, it's really amazing I should check out Brainbread 2!

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Congratulations on coming out of early access! :3

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i love this so much i used to play it with my friends for hours which was too much fun....

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I remember when you guys first started developing this game and I played with Bernt/Pretador and a couple other guys. It's crazy to see how far this mod has come after all this time! Congrats on getting out of early access!

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Congratulations on releasing BrainBread 2. I'm currently seeing flashbacks to my youth playing Brainbread (1) as a Half-life mod and later on when i was fooling around with BrainBread Source. Different times.


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Pretador Author

Thanks ya'll! :)

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