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After two weeks of testing session we ended the Alpha-Test of Dungeon Deities last Sunday. This is what came out.

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Everything has to come to an end and our first round of alphatesting is no different, as it ended last sunday. For two weeks, players had time to thoroughly test the game. I think we got a good impression of was has to be improved and what is already in good condition. For now, we found about certain trends of users' opinions and that is what this post is about.

First of all, let's look at the RPG elements of the game. Currently, there is no leveling, no gear (except orbs) and no attributes of any kind for the player's character. I think we will definitely have to discuss adding elements of those to the game. Many players suggested the opportunity of leveling, as well as building their character, but we don't know in which way we will implement those things yet.

Almost everyone enjoyed the concept of orbs. I think this is one of the basic concepts of the game and it will be hard to implement things like attributes or skills without destroying the concept. The most favored
orb was the Defense orb, that lowered the damage you received. Followed by the Whirlwind-Orb, which is a special sword attack, the Fireball-Orb, which quite obviously lets you fire fireballs, and the Spiked-Boots-Orb that prevents you from sliding across ice tiles.

Another thing is the long-term motivation. For this, we have our Red Kingdom/Blue Kingdom-conflict. We'll have to think about items to add for that. A possible idea would be to allow players to spent their money to build towers in their kingdom that boost parameters (and in turn for instance reduces damage every player in their team takes), or to attack the towers of the other team. This more "high-level"-play is currently all in our heads and not coded at all. We'll have to discuss that more thoroughly.

There were many dungeons built in these two weeks of the alpha test. We found out about the great challenge to create dungeons that are hard, but solvable. Many players faced this challenge and did quite well. I hope we will be able to present some of the dungeons to you the next days. And of course, the verifying script is always in the back of our minds, a giant, scary monster to think about.

Many people used this last poll to tell us about the great potential of the game. Thank you for that, we will try to continue the work as well as we did until now. Finally we want to thank you for all of your suggestions. We will have to discuss many of them and hopefully implement the most of them :-).

Hope to see you soon!

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