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No new version of the gameplay mod available yet, just some news, also, I'm done with school exams!

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Changelog :

-Reduced Special FX (blood, gore and shorter tracers)
-Heavy thugs can die by bleeding after shot a single bullet, shotgun is efficent for one shot, one kill
-Removed the score ACS (because you can't hide it )and replaced by another score system, based on demonsteele!
-Bullets makes less damages on demons but don't worry, I've lowered their HP for making less difficult as possible, same for flamethrower and mancubus arm.
-Heavy thug marines can lost their hp (but slowly) when hurt by a bullet
-Added allied marines (or charaters) (useful for custom maps)

Important conclusions:
-Allies marines aren't so perfect yet, it's difficult to make the same coding than the Brutal DOOM marines code, btw, I wasn't able to put the "THICK SKIN" doom guy in the list of things in DOOM Builder! I must figuring out why!
-Less FPS Dropping by reducting the gore.

To do :
-Fix more issues what I'll find because I test almost always but I still count on you if you see any issues!
-More sprites for death sequences on baddies
-Match the same ammo for weapons than Hotline Miami 1 & 2
-Editing sprites (those may the most important before the official version 1 of the gameplay mod)
-Working on the official campain : Number of the Beast

To do maybe:
-Add more gun based on the original games
-Thick skin DOOM GUY?
-Mugface for everyone (even Jacket)

-Set K.O big demons before execute them? (when you play as Tony or with the berserk pack)

-Heavy thugs should get recoil after getting hurt by any blunt weapon.


i think it needs more sprites. maybe better sprites for characters or weapons, and also some decorations, most levels feels like boxes with doors and enimies

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