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End April updates and release of the beta 18 of the gameplay mod

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Ladies and gentlemen, I won't work on May and June for the while because of exams in school, so I took the decision to work on the gameplay mod unstead working on the maps!
I've spended my time on working in my mod in majority the gameplay than the maps. I'm having less imagination for the maps but still I want to complete that megawad!
Unfortunately I can't promise if I can release in the end 2017 for the official campain. For the while, I prefer you to having fun on the gameplay mod while I'll working on the maps when I'll done with the exams! So for the while, I'll stop updating monthly the gameplay mod!
The very good news is just the Zandronum gameplay, you can be able to play in co-op with friends but you will need to make server.
INFO : I know it was Best-Ever but that website seems broken! :(
Now enough talking, you can get the new beta version in the end after the changelog!

Done and fixed:
-Tony can push and punch all demons
-Tony can execute heavy thug marines
-New weapon : silent uzi
-Improved the system of the flamethrower
-Fixed the no sounds death about blunt and blades
-New weapon : Tazer
-Blunt weapons can push some demons
-Fixed the issues of "multiple things in the start"
-Players have their states about extreme death (GIB) and burning
-Heavy thug marines can lost their hp (but slowly) when hurt by a bullet

Important conclusions:
-People can use it for make their custom Hotline U.A.C maps
-It's still in beta but at least it's very stable!
-You can play on Zandronum now, I've fixed the issue for un-knockable thug marines (have fun on servers if it has been created)

To do (after exams because I'm tired of engineering stuffs! :( But at least in next year, I'll be done ) :
-Fix more issues what I'll find because I test almost always but I still count on you if you see any issues!
-Heavy Thug Marines dying with their own "bleeding" timer!
-Match the same ammo for weapons than Hotline Miami 1 & 2
-Editing sprites (those may the most important before the official version 1 of the gameplay mod)
-Working on the official campain : Number of the Beast

To do maybe:
-Add more gun based on the original games
-Thick skin Marine?
-Mugface for everyone (even Jacket)


Maybe for the mugshots have them wearing the mask at full health, but as they lose more health the mask becomes more and more torn, exposing their face.

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