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We present the first public insight on the base version of the Provinces management design. It represents one of the core functionality of the game, here the rough guidelines of how it works.

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Empires in Ruins - Provinces Management

General description

Province management is one of the main components of Empires in Ruins' gameplay.
To progress in the campaign, you will guide the main character, the grumpy Sergeant Heimer in a conquer-and-secure spree over the rebellious Western Marches of the Principality of Koth.

  • Attack neighboring provinces belonging to the rebels or to the enemy
  • Secure them by building a solid military presence
  • Increase their productivity to fuel your military campaign
  • Fight Tower Defense maps in order to conquer and to defend them against enemy attacks or internal riots.

Choose carefully the governors to put in control of your regions, some might bring great benefits, some others might cause catastrophic drawbacks (betrayal is a common habit in this lands) Random events will occur in your provinces during the campaign, both positive and negative (e.g. flood, fairtrades, fires, robberies, etc..). Each province, according to its size, settlements, natural resources and assets will produce each turn Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron and Research points.

Two views of the main map, on the right one showing the provinces controlled by the player

Province Governors

According to its specific skills and feats, the governor can confer different modifiers to the region. Some modifiers might also be negative to mirror vices and flaws of the specific governor.

One very sensitive point is the choice of the Governors, not all of them will behave in the way they present themselves. It will be up to the player to decide which ones can be trusted and which ones not, and mistakes can lead to very unpleasant surprises

Quite old WIP with placeholder graphics on Governor management


According to the type of settlement in the region there are different features and assets available to the player. The military settlements put more focus on defense and attack features, the civilian settlement are more dedicated to the production of resources and research points.

Civilian :

  • Hamlet
  • Village
  • City

Military :

  • Army Camp (Built on a province without settlements when first conquered by the player or by the enemy)
  • Fort
  • Castle

Province statistics

A province is described in terms of gameplay by the following statistics

  • Gold Production
  • Wood Production
  • Stone Production
  • Iron Production
  • Research points Production
  • Authority Value - Determines the grip that you have on the province
  • Rebellious Activity - How intense is the rebels presence and activity in the province
  • Rebellious Spirit - The natural tendency of the province towards rebelling easily or less easily
  • Defense - Defensive bonuses of the province (applied in the combat maps in terms of bonus towers) in case of riots or enemy attack. The benefits apply to the related Tower Defense maps.
  • Attack - Offensive bonus used when the province is chosen as attack point to conquer a neighboring province. The benefits apply to the related Tower Defense maps.

Province Assets

The following assets can be built in the provinces (with certain province-specific limitations) in order to enhance their

  • Command Post (Max level III) - increases authority,defense and attack each level grants 15 points of authority (max 45)
  • Fortifications (Max level III) - increases defense
  • Guards Post (Max level III) - increases authority each level grants 10 points of authority (max 30)
  • Barracks (Max level III) - increases authority,defense and attack each level grants 3 points of authority (max 9)
  • Forge (Max level III) - gives a percentage bonus to the rp produced by the region +10%/+20%/+30%
  • Laboratory (Max level III) - gives the amount of rp produced by the region per turn 5/10/20. no lab = 1 rp/t
  • Quarry (Max level III) -influence sthe basic resources production of the region +20/+40/+60% (Only possible on regions with base stone production > 0)
  • Logging Camp (Max level III) - influence the basic resources production of the region +20/+40/+60% (Only possible on regions with base wood production > 0)
  • Iron Mine - (Max level III) influence the basic resources production of the region +20/+40/+60% (Only possible on regions with base iron production > 0)
  • Market - Allows to buy and sell resources and increses the production of gold of the region +10/+30/+50
  • Infrastructures - Allow attack and resources bonuses to be used in Combat maps over different provinces
  • Tax Office -influences the percentage of gold produced per turn by the region +10/+30/+50%

Events timeline in a province

(in order of occurrence at the beginning of a new turn)
  • Evaluate province stability (if the rebellious activity is stable, increases or decreases, factors influencing it : province specifics, neighbors, assets and authority of the player)
  • Evaluate rebellious events occurrence and seriousness (Soft, Medium ,Hard or Catastrophic)
  • Produce resources and research points
  • Build assets in the production queue

Well then, this is it so far. The development of this component began only recently, and lot has therefore to be done to make it work properly and integrate it seamlessly with the combat maps already development.

If you have suggestions, ideas, or any feedback, you are more than welcome to comment or write us.
H&R Team

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