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I'm doing a little sideproject. It now has a moddb page ;)

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Hey guys,

So progress on ORAW has been non-existend for the last few weeks because as you may know I've been busy working on a side project. I've foccused on the old republic era for a long time now, total conversion, very different from the normal game. Now I wanted to do something that was new, fresh, and a little closer to the original game as I still really like to play the normal FoC from time to time. Unfurtunately, it hasn't stood the test of time very well and looks horribly outdated, and is very simple.

So I started out to change that with a little mod I call Empire at War: Re
Reimagining the Forces of Corruption expansion, with up to date graphics, some new units, while still sticking to what FoC really was, because I want that same experience, just expanded, and more fun.

You can visit its moddb page here:

So far I've had an absolute blast working on it as I finally get to make all kinds of different things like star destroyers, mon calamari cruisers and loads of other stuff. I'm probably not going to stop working on it for a little while, as I've just had exams and now have truck loads of free time, a lot of which I intent to spend working on EAW: Re

If you like Old Republic at War, chances are you might also like what I'm doing with Re, check it out and perhaps you'll enjoy it, it's not a massively long project like ORAW is, so there will be a release version of Re somewhere in the future and it certainly wont take 3 years, like ORAW is at this point ;)

Hope you're not too disappointed, and that you'll even enjoy this side mod, I certainly am,

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I feel the same way about FoC as you do. I wasn't very critical of it, it was just too simple. I haven't been inclined to play other FoC enhancers, but I will certainly give this one a try.

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I really don't want to be the **** here, and as much as i appreciate this side project and i will definitely end up downloading it, i just feel as if its really taking away from progress on ORAW. Just my 2 cents, don't hate please, still a fan geroenimo.

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