A modding group is stealing peoples work (including mine) and making money off of it on Patreon, DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A PENNY!

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A somewhat dire and serious situation has arisen everyone, there is a group here on MDB known as "RemasterStudio" they are taking other peoples work that we produce for you, FOR FREE, and getting money for it through Patreon. Naturally this is disasterous for us damaging our reputation where some people think we are charging for our work in one place while its free in another. Speaking for myself at least I can assure you I have absolutely NO affiliation with this group and any money they get through their Patreon page I do NOT see a single penny of. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT SUPPORT ANY OF THEIR STALKER MODS! The name of the mod in question you should avoid is "STALKER SoC Remaster", I will not even dignify it with a link.


You're late to the party.

Both of them (for SoC and CS) have been taken down.

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Glad to hear it!

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ketxxx Author

The mod was still up yesterdaym and I did something about it after sleeping. Thats not late to the party, thats just the last one to arrive :p

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While "borrowing" stuff with credits in the readme is completely natural for most stalker mods, I really don't think it's an issue until you start charging for it. I wasn't a fan of it anyway, but when I saw that they were charging for the Clear Sky version, I understood that this is just a matter of time. Good riddance.

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Ofc use the work of others is common and it's a good thing, share the knowledge and the good work of others.
But it's better with authorization of each ones & without searching to make money.
So, the modder have to prove than his mod is different than a stupid modpack & include his own work (the main part I mean).

Oh, and I remember, there are rules about money in our community:
"Modders' rights

GSC has made explicit its position regarding the legal status of mods, including the use of its resources with others games. You can find the original text under the link below. I am attaching a translation, as well.

Mods (modifications) of a computer game can be made by a person who has legally acquired a licensed copy of the game and exclusively for the purpose of its use on the hardware belonging to the person performing the modification or persons to whom the modification was given on non-commercial basis (such as freely over the Internet).

This means that the person who makes a mod for a computer game can use this modification exclusively on non-commercial basis.

The author of the mod retains authorship and exclusive rights on the mod. However, the resources used for development of the given mod belong to another person. As such, the mod does not wholly belong to the author of the modification, who does not have full control over it (such as for commercial use).

Our company allows non-commercial use of mods for our computer games. If you want to use mods developed for our games (such as from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series) with another game, you have to turn to that game's developers for permission."

It's in front of all GSC stalker forum section...

Sorry, I forget it. The Dezowave opened the Pandora's Box a long, long, long time ago. So, everybody can do as them.

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ketxxx Author

This is exactly how mods should be, I'm not even a fan of the "donation" approach some places like the nexus go with but I'm not totally against that if people want to freely donate to the mod author(s) to show appreciation for the time it takes thats ok in my book but its absolutely not cool to "make" a mod that entirely consists of other peoples work then pressure people who find that "mod" in to becoming a monthly donator via patreon even if something is 100% your own work that approach is still really ******.

Glad that mod has died an unceremonious death. If anyone finds it on other sites please let me know as the mod contains about 50% (at least) of the textures (shoddily edited I might add) I have made and I do not like the thought of my work being butchered like that and included as part of a poor imitation of what I'm doing with SIN.

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