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You can now see the whole presentation with subtitles on our blog

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You can now see the whole presentation with subtitles on our blog.

It is not your basic power point presentation. It is our take on how to sell the game to a jury. It might contain spoilers for those of you seeking to build your own experience when playing.

To those just interested in our take on game design.

Here you go:
best regards Jesper E

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Thank you for the presentation, it was interesting to see how people reacted when they had to hug eichother.
Though the game really '' screams '' for more features and live, the forrest is a bit too empty, it would be cool if the player's attentions gets grabbed by more than one thing. (swarming bees in flower fields, etc)

As a child you guys had to do things that you didn't feel like doing sometimes, add this to the gameplay, some people need direction or a goal to get into a game.
Please make the villagers make you collect certain things, or do stuff (showing in a cloud above their heads).
I think after you have completed certain task's you should add the weird light in the sky and let the story evolve.
The player should feel really sorry to know what happend to his family, not like an outside hunter.
Make the player attached to the camp he grows up in and then leave it behind.

Great presentation, it touched my soul a bit too, like the style.
Also thanks for the English subtitles and make a great game you guys.
This could easily go E3 2012 if you just make more to do and expand on it.

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FutureGamesJ10 Author
FutureGamesJ10 - - 3 comments

Thank you for your kind words and good feedback.

It is interesting what you have to say about the cloud above a npc. We actually thought about it and finally decided that it would go against the filosofi. Wanting the player to indulge in their own story and so on. But i do understand your concerns and it is something we need to put into conciduration when evolving the game into a larger experience.

Thank you once again, your words are truly inspiring!

/Jesper E

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