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This is the preview video of the Eryn Galen faction in DCI: Last Alliance.

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The DCI team presents a look at the Silvan Elves of Greenwood the Great and their Sindar princes, led by Legolas' forefathers.
Inclined to avoid the troubles of other peoples, the return of the Dark Lord to Middle-earth have the Wood-elves muster for war...

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Lore 00:20
Strategy map start 03:10
Expansion options 06:15
Amon Lanc 08:45
Starting lords & generals 13:05
Generals & BG models 15:50
Ents 19:50
Secret Forest Trail 20:33
Culture, Tôl Acharns & the One Ring 25:30
Victories will cost blood 28:45
Army Roster 30:35
Credits 46:30

Settlements preview (number 2 out of 4) here

Kark-Jocke - - 14,705 comments

This looks pretty great and you voice scared me a bit at 45:29 it becomes a little loud there haha, but yeah I look even more forward to the release now.

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Ngugi Author
Ngugi - - 891 comments

Thanks mate, and sorry about that hehe, got a new microphone and had a bit of tight with time in edit (went abroad the morning after, thus not replied till now) so overlooked that.
Glad you liked the presentation :)

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