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After a long absence the mod has been updated to work with the latest mods! Check out the latest version for either Supply Drops or vanilla. An expanded version is coming soon!

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ECT Rainbow AI features:

  • Based off Jose21Crisis's Rainbow AI Enhancer V2 (which is itself an upgrade of Malleus AI). So the improved team FOV, single-shot firing, and team NVG animations in those mods are present here as well.
  • I have also made several other miscellaneous changes, like making the formation tighter, and fixing ROE from switching automatically whenever you take damage and some engagement rules (AI will only engage in recon with silenced weapons).
  • AI teammates use hand-signals and notify you when they are reloading
  • When your team moves out, there will be a ripple effect so that the rear team-member in the formation can hold their position for a split second longer then the previous men.
  • NEW: Fast move order from your team, when holding shift you'll see "fast move" icon and your teammates will sprint to the target location instead of walking
  • Tested to work on vanilla with openRVS and on Twi's Supply Drop (Oct 2021 patch1)
  • Includes several dev tools and guides
  • An expansion pack with a collection of ECT+SD+Mercs enemy pack+Template files+other mods/community improvements is in development!

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