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Eggs 1942 - Egg Warfare. Plenty of new features have been added to Eggs 1942 recently!

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Hello there, eggs! We have added lots of new things to Eggs 1942.

Egg Upgrades

You can now upgrade and edit your egg in the Egg Upgrades Room. This is still a work in progress and we have plans for more customisation and egg painting.

Screenshot 1718


We have finally started work on Artillery which can be used by the player, this is currently in the game but still being worked on and updated. Once this feature is working perfectly we can use it to add other weapons and vehicles for the player and AI to use.

Screenshot 1749

Most of the original maps have been updated to include the new Artillery feature.

Screenshot 1745

Currently the AI do not use the weapons but if a player isn't using it then they will automatically turn and fire.

NEW MAP - Bridges

A new map has been added! It's currently called "Bridges" and has.... bridges.


Bridges is a large map with many different Spawn Bases, one large bridge and two smaller ones for tactical advances during the battle.

Screenshot 1759

You can now get INSIDE mugs

This feature was requested many times. You can now get inside mugs and, if you're careful, you can use them as a shell.

Kitchen has had plenty of other updates added to the map.

Screenshot 1746

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