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A new dev blog showcasing the new biome called The Searing Coast, where a 5 player tribe explore and demo some of the siege tower defense gameplay.

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A scenic tour of The Searing Coast was on the itinerary for last fridays Devstream on Twitch[] with Brent and Pat.

The tribe met up on the burning shores of a sulfur filled canyon that winds and splits into many directions. With only some ancient Ascendant markers to guide the way they set off in search of a new Crucible.

Fortunately the guys had collected a few useful items before venturing too far into the corrosive pools that blocked the path to the new sanctuary, so they were able to craft some protective Sulfur Seed armor.

The tribe arrive safely in the Crucible and check out the new layout. Brent explains that each Crucible has something unique about its sieges and reveals one of the lanes is immersed in sulfur that must be overcome.

After scoping things out the tribe split up into lanes and get ready to take on some new waves of Eden's monsters! Despite their best efforts the tribe get completely overrun with monsters and one by one the whole team falls and the siege is lost.

After regrouping, replacing some defenses and changing to a ranged weapon the tribe are ready to go again! We see some new monsters that erupt from the ground and attack the Crucible directly, but the tribe manage to work together and defeat them all.

After some siege victories and last minute rescues the tribe head off toward Typhons pass, a lush cliff area that leads to some ominous looking ruins before ending the stream. You'll be able to find out what secrets lay inside for yourself on May 17th!

We had a lot of fun this week! You can check out the full stream below on our Youtube channel, or join us Live on Fridays at 2.00 PM EST on Twitch!

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