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Highlights from our very first dev stream for Eden Rising!

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Yesterday we hosted our very first Devstream on Twitch! Brent and Pat run us through the introduction to the game, and the core mechanics with a little help from some friends.

We started out in the Valley of the Ascendants, the first of four massive biomes that players will explore upon arriving in Eden. After a short walk down from their cliff vista overlooking the Crucible, Pat crafted himself his first piece of gear with some pieces of fungus he scavenged along the way.

Twitch Devstream 1 rawfile 1

The guys then met up with some tribes mates at the Crucible and take on their first siege, placing down some simple stickpot traps and auto-turrets to ambush the medusas coming up the lane to attack the Crucible.

Twitch Devstream 1 rawfile 2Twitch Devstream 1 rawfile

After unlocking a major tech upgrade, metallurgy. The tribe ventures out to the sulphur beaches to find some new materials. Along the way they discover a Telesite, which when activated, will allow them and their tribe to quickly teleport across the map.

Twitch Devstream 1 rawfile 3

Finally, the guys find the items they need to collect precious metals on Eden and craft themselves a heavy hitting hammer weapon. All weapon types have a range of upgrades and improvements that can be discovered, too bad for our developers that the hammer upgrade needed more monster parts!

Twitch Devstream 1 rawfile 4

The stream ended with a few questions from viewers including 'will there be a single player mode?'. The answer being Yes! You can tune your servers difficulty at any time, or create a single player server for yourself when you first start playing.

There was a lot more answered in the stream of course, so check out the full video below!

We are aiming to do one stream a week to showcase various parts of the game, other biomes, and features as well as answer questions, we hope to see you there!

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